Azcárate No Holds Barred (2021) Review: A Philosophy Class On Age, Love and Sex

Netflix’s Azcárate No Holds Barred is a short series that fuses the comic elements of a stand-up comedy with the depth and fun of a talk show or, at least, that is what it tries to do. Hosted by the Columbian model, actress and comedian Alejandra Azcárate, the show deals with topics of love, age and sex throughout. There are a total of four episodes in this season of the show with a runtime of 20 minutes for each episode. The audio is in the Spanish language with English subtitles.

– Netflix’s Azcárate No Holds Barred review does not contain spoilers –

Azcárate No Holds Barred: A Reflection on Life

Alejandra Azcárate is a known Colombian model, presenter, broadcaster, comedian, actress. She is known for her work at City Noticias as well as Descárate with Azcárate. The model has also been involved in a legal polemic in 2021 that made headlines. However, this Netflix special is in no way going to make any concrete headlines due to the know-it-all script and lack of humour.

The concept Alejandra Azcárate is trying to introduce is rather new and commendable. Beyond the stage settings of every genre of a comedy show, the comedian wants to get more intimate and real as she imparts knowledge wrapped in jokes. Lifestyle, talk show, stand-up, our host aims to cover everything and maybe that is why she fails to stand out and impress. The show has a hard time breathing with its comedic sketch and tries hard to replicate the environment of Saturday Night Live (SNL).

The first episode titled Age brings Alejandra Azcárate on the screen to focus on women and how they perceive their age- young women just want to get older and, the older ones whine about why they are no longer young enough to do certain things and fit in with the evolving generation.

Alejandra shoots some obvious philosophies at us about why this happens with the help of a self-help group discussion segment (which is a recurring segment in the next episodes), a quiz show to determine one’s age and a class setting that help the older generation catch up with the lingo and gestures of the newer ones. As smooth as everything sounds in writing, the show completely looks and sounds offbeat.

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The same lacklustre performance and the setting are visible in the next episode titled Finding a Partner – which deals with the subject of singlehood, relationships and online dating, followed by Infidelity where Alejandra sits down with a priest, a detective and a motel owner to figure out monogamy. The fourth and last episode is called Sex where the topic of discussion is intimacy, the game of seduction and orgasms.

Azcárate No Holds Barred: Final Verdict

Alejandra Azcárate lends a strong voice and material to the show but the odd editing and over the top performances distract you from what substance the show holds. There are certain parts that are truly enjoyable, but as a whole, the series fails to impress and is rather forgettable. The costumes and set designs are done rather well though.

For the ones who want to give this show a try, you can watch Azcárate No Holds Barred Season 1 now streaming on Netflix.

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Azcárate No Holds Barred Season 1 is an underwhelming conceptual remake of Saturday Night Live.

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Azcárate No Holds Barred (2021) Review: A Philosophy Class On Age, Love and SexAzcárate No Holds Barred Season 1 is an underwhelming conceptual remake of Saturday Night Live.