Autumn Girl (2021) Review: Maria Debska is Charming in Biography About Kalina Jedrusik

Autumn Girl, or Bo we mnie jest seks, is a biographical-drama film directed by Katarzyna Klimkiewiczand stars Maria Debska, Leszek Lichota, and Krzysztof Zalewski, alongside other cast members. The movie has a runtime of 105 minutes.

Netflix describes the movie as:

In 1960s Poland, performer Kalina Jędrusik is at the height of her popularity but must contend with a spurned official threatening to ruin her career.

– Autumn Girl review does not contain spoilers –

Autumn Girl is based on a time of Polish actress Kalina Jedrusik’s life. The movie is sensual and empowering in several different ways but isn’t a biography in the truest sense of the term. It’s a story that will entertain you thoroughly but viewers who are expecting a breakdown of the era in which the film is based will be extremely disappointed. Thus, going into the movie with the expectation that there’s going to be some serious politics incorporated into the storyline would be nothing but incorrect assumptions.

Showcasing Jedrusik’s life in 1960s Poland, the movie is a rundown of her life and the lives surrounding her through the director’s eyes. Of course, there are some artistic liberties taken but those, in my opinion, keep movies entertaining. The gossip, drama, and glitz & glam make this quite the watch, especially in comparison to the heartbreaking parts of the movie when you see the not-so-good aspects of living under the spotlight.

Autumn Girl

1960s Poland wasn’t, obviously, the free society that it is today. In spite of all the glam that Jedrusik represented, she, too, had to go through many struggles to get where she was and stay there. You feel for her character and her struggles, something that women have to go through even today in different aspects of their lives. The social commentary on women’s place in society is ever-present, considering the timeline, and it’s made in an entertaining way such that you’ll actually enjoy watching it.

That being said, Autumn Girl is a look into the life of a famous celebrity with a “bad” reputation. A celebrity that not all might be familiar with. If you’re someone who isn’t interested in the person, I doubt this will strike you as something to watch. It’s well made and doesn’t really bore you but I felt that you need to have an idea about who this is to actually feel any sort of connection to the story. Also, it’s a musical, so there’s that. But, thankfully, the music doesn’t overwhelm and is pretty nice to sit through.

Summing up: Autumn Girl

Autumn Girl

This is a good watch. I thoroughly enjoyed the calm, glamorous and craziness of this story along with the bad parts of Jedrusik’s life. However, in spite of how it’s made, it’s still a biography. So, tread with that knowledge. I was enamoured by Maria Debska’s charming portrayal of Kalina. Regardless of whether you know the person or not, this is still an entertaining look into a misunderstood celebrity’s life.

Autumn Girl is streaming on Netflix.

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Autumn Girl is an entertaining movie that reels you in, thanks to Maria Debska charming depiction of the enigmatic Polish actress.


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Autumn Girl is an entertaining movie that reels you in, thanks to Maria Debska charming depiction of the enigmatic Polish actress.Autumn Girl (2021) Review: Maria Debska is Charming in Biography About Kalina Jedrusik