Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 10 Review: Traitor

The unholy alliance of Marleyans and Eldians have set out to stop Eren, and they plan to do it one way or another. Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 10 sees them going up against their former allies. Let’s see what went wrong with the plans in this review!

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 10 Overview

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 10 Title
Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 26 , Attack on Titan Episode 85

What more is there left to be said about Attack On Titan? Even if you only consider yourself a casual anime fan, this show is probably one that you know about and watch avidly. It is an action and supernatural show based on the works of Hajime Isayama. It is known as Shingeki no Kyojin in original Japanese, and thus this half of the season is also called Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4 Part 2. You can also call it Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 or Shingeki no Kyojin Final Season Part 2 if you’d like.

This season is being animated by Studio MAPPA, a powerhouse studio behind several immensely popular anime properties, including Jujutsu Kaisen and the future Chainsaw Man. This season is directed by Yuiichirou Hayashi, with Jun Shishido serving as the chief director of the show. The duo was also in charge of Part 1 of the final season, alongside several other acclaimed anime such as Kakegurui and Hajime no Ippo. You can find our review of the previous episode right here.

– Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4 Part 2 Episode 10 Review does not contain any spoilers –

Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 Episode 10 Review- Friends Or Enemies?

Titans MArley Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 10

What happened to all the hype? The supposedly final season of Attack on Titan started with as much fanfare as anything in the entire world. The first few episodes were discussed online frantically and with much enthusiasm, but for the past couple of episodes, it’s like all that excitement and hype has disappeared all of a sudden. Few people are talking about it, and even fewer are realising that the show essentially only has three episodes left (two after this one). While the show is still extremely popular, this isn’t what was expected from its absolute final episodes.

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There can be multiple explanations for that. For one, I could just be flat wrong, and this might not be the case at all. While extremely possible, I find this to be highly improbable as anyone as terminally online can look for themselves and see the same results. This could be an expected drop off, as all shows drop off somewhat in the middle before picking up again. But again, the pick-up point was somewhere around the last episode, and if it were happening this way, it would have happened sooner. Maybe, just maybe, could it be that it’s the show’s fault?

Mikasa Armin Jean Connie

Allow me to illustrate my point by taking Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 10 (or Shingeki no Kyojin Final Season Part 2 Episode 10) as an example. This episode featured Reiner, Mikasa, Armin, and the rest of the “traitors” attempt to retake the harbour from the yeagerists. There is a ton of action and some drama, and the episode is just as high quality as most of this show’s catalogue. It contained everything that people watch this show for, and it would have been perfect if it came at any point apart from two episodes before the show supposedly ends.

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The takeover didn’t even end with this episode. That’s how far behind the show is right now. The tremendous problem plaguing this show is that if reports are to be believed, just two episodes remain. This isn’t even worthy of being speculated upon, as there is no way all of the show’s complicated and expansive storylines can conclude satisfyingly in these two episodes. There just isn’t any time left. Granted, this entire issue depends on the show only lasting two more episodes, but unless somebody confirms otherwise, this is all we know.

There is no way Mikasa’s past, Armin’s future, and the entirety of Marley vs Eldia bloodbath is resolved within two episodes. In the same manner, there is no way Levi’s revenge on Zeke, the restoration of the royal family, the fate of the titans and the other characters we’ve come to know, like Jean and Connie, gets unveiled in only two episodes. The show is then left with two options- either rushing the ending and not making it satisfying or extending the show’s runtime by adding a movie. I don’t know which one of these is worse, especially as a non-japanese person who will probably have to wait for a year just to get hands on the movie.


Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 10 was a decent episode with some fun action scenes, but the show’s end is looming, which does not look like a good sign for it. How are they still at the harbour with this little time left?

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Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 10 was a decent episode with some fun action scenes, but the show's end is looming, which does not look like a good sign for it. How are they still at the harbour with this little time left?


    • Sure, but if you call a season “Final”, you need to deliver a conclusion, lest you risk alienating and irritating the fans.

      • The final season is actually brilliant marketing strategy to hype people and get more viewers, which actually worked cause the shows way more popular than when s3 was airing. unfortunately covid screwed their plans and they opted to make multiple part. Aot is really hard to animate, especially this part where there’s multiple titan fight. So it takes shit load of time even with heavy cgi usage.
        Anyway this part is concluding at ch 130 with amazing cliffhanger and the rest 9 chapters will be adapted in p3 or movie which will be revealed on march 26/27 during japan annual anime festival .
        Next few chapters is full of action and it is really is hard to animate , so they need more time or else there will be significant drop in animation quality

        • Funny how the dangers of “significant animation drop” didn’t happen when Studio WIT was animating it. The animation right now is worse than it was at that point, yet somehow MAPPA requires more time to animate the show, and it also needs to make a movie to finish the story of an anime. When one tries not to be a fanboy, one sees that these are all just ways to earn more money and nothing else. There are zero reasons why the end of the show could not have been included in the “Final Season”.

          • Jesus christ dude do you even know how anime industry works?
            First let’s talk about animation.
            S1 and 2 of aot had god tier animation there’s no denying that, but you need to realise s2 had 4 YEARS TIME GAP. So wit had all the time to adapt beautifully, they only gave us 12 eps and not to mention that shitty cgi colossal titan they gave us even with that all that time. THIS BACKFIRED. With 4 yrs gap all the hype was gone and manga sales significantly dropped.

            S3p2 of aot has worse animation than s4p2. They gave us shitty cgi colossal again and eren vs reiner was basically power point presentation. Even 1st season of wit had so many stills and off model shots that they redid it in blue ray version.

            Why do you think wit dropped aot huh? They dropped it because they’re small studio and didnt have the man power or time to give s4, not to mention they aren’t in production committee so all the profits went to producers.
            Now s4p1 of aot animation is average at best, but you need to realise mappa had JUST 8 MONTHS to animate 16 eps due to deadline and covid postponement, intact due to time restraint they outsourced Cg to other studio hence it looked like shit.
            If wit was given same time schedule as mappa it would’ve been 10x worse, wit knew this hence they dropped it. They were smart enough to realise their cgi is bad and they dropped it.
            Mappa’s CGI is FAR BETTER THAN WITS atleast in part 2. Marco’s and annie cgi was done well and blended perfectly. Erens CGI was MEH but tolerable.
            So like I said next chs contains heavy action and animating eren founding titan is a nightmare which wit never could have pulled it off.
            So do you want shitty cgi like p1 or decent cgi like p1.
            Funny you call me a fanboy when I’m stating facts and you’re the delusional one who thinks they’re delaying just for money when in reality many animators are experiencing hell due to overwork and lack of time.
            Mind you even with 1 yr time for p3 it’s still not enough, they need to pull of sleepless nights just like s4p1

          • There are plenty of studios that are able to animate at this “god-tier” level that you speak of without a crunch, like KyoAni. If greedy MAPPA didn’t take 10 projects in their hands every year and focused on making a few good shows, this would have never been an issue. But no, they go for quantity against quality, crunch their employees, and get away with it because people such as yourself are always there to defend their horrible actions. I would rather have one good anime and happy animators per year, than to want these animators suffer, and that will only happen when awful practices of studios like MAPPA ara called out. MAPPA is the greediest studio going right now, and the current state of AoT is the proof of that.

  1. Honestly found this review to be terrible. You hardly even mention the episode itself or what happened in it and just focused on the fact that the show is ending soon. We all know that already. That’s not how an episode should be graded by any means. Please try harder.

    • In these types of episodes, one can only talk about the episode so much since a lot of comments would constitute spoiling it. Also, your comment implies that a lot happened in this episode, which is false. Barely anything happened that we haven’t already talked about or can be surmised from previous episodes, and hence the amount discussed was enough to discuss it.

    • Hate final episode . Makes no sense armin Jean Mikasa conny all tripping. Kill ere. After all yell been through and loved ones being taken makes no sense dumb af

  2. Dear god it looks like you know nothing about industry lol.
    Kyoni animation looks amazing but they do only slice of life anime( except maybe dragon maid) so its much much easier to animate and even then they take 2yrs. Besides except violet evergarden and hyouka, their other anime doesn’t have ” god tier” animation.
    When wit dropped and was looking for new studio Why didn’t kyoni take aot? After all they give “god tier” adaptation right? The answer is they dont have the talent to adapt heavy action scene and certainly not aot. So dont compare slice of life anime to aot which is probably the toughest show to animate.

    Mappa isn’t greedy, it’s the PRODUCTION COMMITTEE CALLED I.G. they make all the decision, mappa just follows their orders and animate what they’re told to animate. So even if mappa asks for more time production I.G and kodansha declined it. You’re just delusional dude who thinks mappa calls the shot.
    Yes I support MAPPA ANIMATORS not garbage production committee. Poor guys did a great in p2 which no studio could’ve done. You’re just being an idiot by blaming mappa when they dont have any say in schedule, they just follow orders by higher ups like production I.G

    3rd Mappa is one of the biggest studio currently with over 250+ employees, only toei animation has more members.
    So you’re saying all 250 members should animate only aot lol? Stop being dumb. Do you want them to go bankrupt?
    Besides this year they’ve only taken 6 projects and all 250 members are skillfully drafted. So roughly 40 to 45 members are animating each anime, which is usually enough. Wit gave us s1 and s2 with just 30 members, so it’s no biggie. Besides mappa always hire freelancers for big scenes like grishas breakdown scene in memories of future episode.

    Funny how you’re being hypocrite and didnt mention studios like j.c staff and clover works who have taken 12+shows with LESS ANIMATORS this year and are struggling. Even a-1 pictures delayed 86 by 2 months because of overwork and production issues

    You just don’t know anything about studios and their work schedule. Japanese anime industry has always suffered from overwork and compared to other studios mappa’s situation is pretty good. Infact recently they established subsidiary studios just for cg department and many talented animators are joining.
    Mappa learned from their p1 mistakes and are doing pretty good job in p2. Yet you’re being harsh and say ” they’re being greedy” by delaying aot when in reality they need more time for next action heavy chs.

    • Violet Evergarden and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid look better than anything MAPPA has ever done, so KyoAni is doing something right. Just because the entire anime industry suffers from this problem, doesn’t mean I can’t give MAPPA fair criticism for their practices. Also, you do know that they could just have waited to release the anime until they had finished the anime, right? There wasn’t a need to say “boo hoo we ran out of production time” when nobody wanted to make them release it until they were done with it. MAPPA took this contract knowing full well what they would need to do for this project, and they still took it. So there goes your defence of the committee controlling everything.

      Also, naming studios like JC and CloverWorks, who also do this awful practice, is a classic case of whataboutism. Whataboutism is nothing but an admission of guilt. Just because the rest of the industry is garbage, it doesn’t mean that one still can’t be disappointed in MAPPA for falling into the same traps.

      Also, my final statement regarding this conversation is this- The studio could have just waited until they had finished the entire anime before airing it. Whatever happens after this season ends is their greed and nothing else, plain and simple. There didn’t need to be a part 3, there didn’t need to be a movie. They could have just completed the adaptation, and then released it. They didn’t, because they want more money. They sacrificed the integrity of their premier franchise for greed, and that’s all there is to it.

      • Mappa’s jujitsu kaisen destroys both violet and kobayashi combined in animation alone. The fight choreography along insane sakuga gives demon slayer a run for its money. The ep 19 of jjk even surpasses ep 19 of demon slayer.
        Funny you say mappa is greedy when kyoni milked out 2 violet evergarden movies , especially 1st one which was totally unnecessary meanwhile mappa did niche shows like banana fish and dorohedoro .
        I still dont understand your” anything after this part is greed” when they’re just adapting remaining part of the manga. If there’s a movie then they will have more budget without any censoring for ch 131 which is a win win for both viewers and the studio. What do you mean sacrificing integrity for greed lol? There actually saving the integrity of the franchise.
        Let me tell you whats the meaning of real greed. Look at ufotable, they made a movie and even released it in tv format just for the sake of greed

        • And if you want to see me call out that greed, you can read my reviews of the Mugen Train anime, as well as the final review of the entertainment district arc. Again, just because Ufotable is ALSO greedy, doesn’t mean MAPPA isn’t as well. Whaboutism is just an admission of guilt.

          • Again where’s the greed part here in mappa? It’s not like they’re giving 5 ep for each part , they’re giving 12 ep which is normal. The first part was supposed to be 24 eps, but due to covid and tv schedules they gave us irregular 16 eps. The 8 eps difference will be covered as p3 /movie. Unlike mugen train they’re giving us NEW CONTENT for next installment.
            The fact that you’re saying nothing happens in this eps just because its nearing its end is just plain stupid. If you had doubts about whether this part was the end of the franchise or not, you could’ve just waited till the end and give your ep or overall review afterwards. Instead you say this ep was waste of time just because we have 2 eps left lol.

          • You have to be blinded by something to not see the greed here. Do you realise that there is a concept in our world known as waiting? MAPPA could have waited until the series was done before releasing it instead of falsely calling this “Final Season”, baiting everyone into watching it, and then having them pay for the movie to watch the ending anyways. They could have waited until they were done. They could have released the show after they were done. How difficult is that to understand? How is that anything BUT greed? They want to have their cake and eat it too. They want two seasons and a movie for an arc that should have just been a full length two-cour season, and just that.

            Also, regarding this review, what exactly happened? The Marleyans and Eldians talked for half of it about stuff they had already talked about in the previous episode. And then they tried to free a harbour, which is such a nothing story arc. That could, and should have been glossed over at this junction, it seems that unimportant. But no, we have to fill airtime so that we can ask people to pay to watch our movie.

  3. Dear god you’re not understanding what I’m trying to say.
    How the hell delaying and making part 3 is greed? People who’ve watched part 2 will watch p3, the viewership will remain the same. Do you think viewership will significantly rise for p3, its stays the same. If its movie the budget will be high with better animation. There’s no stupid greed shit here, like I said part 1 was supposed to be 24ep but due to covid plans changed.
    Big studio like mappa has their plan laid for 3/4 yrs in advance but covid happened, if they keep waiting like you said then it would disrupt there other plans.
    Mappa needs to release shows almost every season to maintain cash flow. They released only aot this season, if not for aot they didn’t had any other show. So you’re saying they should’ve slept for entire 3 months and lose money along with potential tv slots.

    Regarding the review you must be really blind to think nothing happened
    Freeing the harbour is important , if not how will they catch up with eren? Do you think they’ll magically teleport?
    This episode also draws parallel with “warrior” episode from season 2 where reiner and berthold are labelled as traitors when they were trying to stop eren WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT ARMIN AND CONNIE ARE DOING. They’re trying to stop eren which was exactly what reiner and berthold were doing 4yrs ago.
    This ep further solidifies that aot isn’t your typical good vs bad story, nobody’s right anymore, everything is black and white, good and evil is blurred.

    • Yeah, MAPPA did have the plan laid out. It was titled “how do we make the most money out of this property”, and it involved splitting up the show on purpose to make more money from it. If they weren’t greedy, they could have WAITED UNTIL IT WAS DONE. Nobody asked them to release this in incomplete parts. It was their own decision to be dishonest to their audience and to have more monetary gain.

      Freeing the harbour was important. Showing how the harbour was freed wasn’t. I said the show should have glossed over that in order to focus on more important issues plaguing the story, but they didn’t, Because they want to leave those for the movie. To earn more money. This is greed, plain and simple, and you defending it just makes you a fanboy and nothing else.

      • Ok now I’ve given facts why they’re delaying and whats the reasoning , yet you type the same greed shit. Do you think mappa does charity business lol. In the end anime is a business and mappa’s trying to make profit. Anime industry is already suffering from piracy and yet you’re salty about a company making few bucks just to satisfy your ends.

        Regarding review it’s really stupid especially from a critic to say ” gloss over things”. Look this is the very first ep about harbour, it’s not like they stretched this for 10 eps long. The fact this ep draws parallel with warrior ep( one of the important eps at that time) and you say it should be ” glossed over” is really stupid especially from a critic.
        You could argue the ep were connie took Falco to is mom as derailing, but saying nothing happened in this ep and should’ve been glossed over means you’ve failed to grasp the importance of this ep.

        • Of course, where would MAPPA be without people like you fighting for their right to exploit their workers and scamming viewers to get more money from them? Here’s an idea, if they just want to make “a few bucks” and have already sold out their conscience anyway, why not make everything a movie? Why have anime at all? The new season of JJK should be a movie as well. How else will poor MAPPA make money? Poor MAPPA needs to be exploiting its viewers and workers more! There can never be enough money! Destroying one show isn’t enough! Destroy all of them! Money is everything that matters in this capitalistic nightmare of a society! Artistic integrity? Pff. Who even cares?

  4. Ok now you’re takes are just funny lmao, I cant even take you seriously.
    1st we dont even know whether its movie or not. There still quite a bit of source material left and all of them can’t be crammed into a single movie.

    2nd not everything can be made into movie, again if you knew anything about industry you wouldn’t have said all this crap. Previously many shows like naruto, bleach and one piece used to make non canon movies and they still do to make some bucks to continue their shows, this is not some “scam” shit that mappa started.
    Not every thing can be made into movie because they cant cram it into 2 hrs movie lol. Mugen train arc is really short, that’s why they took movie route. Jjk movie is a prequel to original source containing just 5 chapters, it’s short so they did a movie. s2 of jjk cant be movie cause next arc is too big to deliver in just 2hrs.
    This part of aot is more likely going to end at ch 130 which is the END OF VOLUME 30. A studio has limits , they can’t adapt 4 or 5 volumes in a single cour.
    Why do you think there’s no more many long running anime anymore. It’s just too taxing. Even black clover stopped being long running and started making a movie.
    The main purpose of anime is to promote manga and increase manga sales. If studio animates everything then what’s the point of manga sales lmao.
    You bark about capatilalism or some scam shit which is seriously funny.
    A studio makes movie and interested viewers will buy ticket and the watch the movie, it’s as simple as it is.
    They aren’t black mailing, threatening or forcing you to watch lol. There’s no scam here.
    S1 of Aot was released in April 2013 and they’re planning to finish it on April 2023 as 10 yr anniversary. There’s no scam shit here lol. If you think it’s all scam then stop watching dude.

        • Sarcasm isn’t “good” or “bad”. It’s just sarcasm, which you either get or you don’t. You obviously don’t, and have been arguing in bad faith over a company that makes millions every year and still exploits its workers. Grow up. MAPPA isn’t going to invite you to the premiere of your beloved Attack on Titan movie just because you defended them and their awful practices online.

          • Idk what the hell are you saying about good or bad. What i said was your reply was pathetic attempt of being sarcastic.
            “Company that makes millions”
            Again it’s not my fault if you’re dumb. Major profits goes to production I.G NOT mappa. In fact the decision for next part or movie is taken by producers not mappa.
            “Beloved aot” lol aot isn’t even my fav show and mappa isn’t in my top 5 studios.
            Wit is my fav studio , they adapted my favorite manga vinalnd saga faithfully with passion. Dont just assume I’m a fanboy.
            “Awful practices”
            Yeah mappa is so awful that many from madhouse and other studios have joined mappa , they’re so bad that many freelancers are willing to work with them. All 250+ employees are held at gunpoint to animate.

            I mean what can I expect from a guy who says this ep was bad because the show is ending when the show isn’t even ending.

          • My reply was a perfectly fine “attempt” at sarcasm, but you needed reading comprehension for that in the first place. Also, it doesn’t matter if they aren’t in your top 5 or AoT isn’t your favourite show. You’re in here defending it with zero insider knowledge and facts anyways. What else could one expect from someone who spends days defending a show, when backs away as soon as one reminds them of the awful practices, and blames it not on the studio but on the general culture, which is false anyways since plenty of studios who are not MAPPA are able to function without overworking their staff? But go off, king.

  5. And this is a handful of doubts about how the series will end or a review of the chapter? You are half dumb. On Youtube there are reviews and analyzes of fans who do it a thousand times better, with analyzes with a true background of the chapter and that fans do it better than you, it says a lot, if you think there is nothing to say about this chapter, you have no idea what’s up Ironically, you demand quality from a production company when you make mediocre reviews like this.

    • A normal youtube theory or explanation video is well over 3000 words, whereas it is imperative that a review is kept as short and succinct as possible. Rest assured, I can analyse those meanings as well. However, not only do they lie beyond the scope of a review, but also break the spoiler rule which I absolutely cannot do.

  6. And this is a handful of doubts about how the series will end or a review of the chapter? On Youtube there are reviews and analyzes of fans who do it a thousand times better, with analyzes with a true background of the chapter and that fans do it better than you, it says a lot, if you think there is nothing to say about this chapter, you have no idea what’s up Ironically, you demand quality from a production company when you make mediocre reviews like this.

  7. “Zero insider knowledge ‘
    Dude you literally thought the shows gonna end in 2eps. Every single time you say I’m fanboy, I’m a defender, mappa is this and that. When the fuck did I back away lol?
    See the difference between both of our comments, I have repeatedly given facts but the only thing I’ve got back is “stop defending the studio”, “you’re a fanboy” and scam shit. You’re the one runny away not me, you haven’t given a SINGLE facts for my arguments. You dont even know the basic difference between staff and production committee.
    You and I both know who’s showering facts and who’s running away with ” you’re just a fanboy argument”.
    Yep I’m done here

    • So what we have realised here is that you started this criticism without reading the original review. Oh boy, I never realised that you started this in such bad faith. Or maybe you just have an issue with reading, since you couldn’t understand sarcasm there, and you didn’t read my article in the first place. Go back and read what I wrote in the article and you’ll find that I never said that the series was going to end in two episodes. just the season. My point was that MAPPA had lured people in by the concept of this being the final season, and then betrayed that promise by doing something else after. But no, you are just going to sit there and make assumptions about the inner workings of IG and MAPPAm while not knowing a thing about any of them, or what’s the issue there. Hope she calls you, bro.

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