Assembled The Making of What if Review: Ideas, Ideas and Ideas

Marvel Studios: Assembled The Making of What if is now out on Disney+ Hotstar. It was the first animated MCU series that had 9 episodes. The 40 minutes Assembled episode features Marvel President Kevin Feige, Jeffrey Wright, AC Bradley, Bryan Andrews, Brad Winderbaum and more.

When What If was announced, Marvel fans were curious to see what their favourite superhero franchise would offer them. The idea of a multiverse is quite fascinating, yet a lot could go wrong. We are yet to see the multiversal stories in movies, but the animated series gave us a clear idea of what MCU wants Phase 4 to be about.

The Making of What if Review Contains Mild Spoilers

At the beginning of Assembled The Making of What if, Kevin Fiege shares similar thoughts. He says, “We were looking at how to grow, how to expand, how to evolve post Endgame and into Phase Four. We had tons if ideas for features and for follow-ups to existing characters and introducing new characters.” Fiege reveals how Disney Plus gave them the freedom and platform to explore all kinds of ideas.

But who was the person that came up with such a unique concept of What If…? Well, the man is Brad Winderbaum. Brad wanted to do something different using the same characters fans have been watching since 2008. He pitched the idea to Kevin, who instantly liked it. With AC Bradley and Bryan Andrews, they made their ideas come true.

Brad talks about how there are many possibilities of how the stories could go in What If. But ‘What If’ is just the start point; in the episode, we see the ‘then what’ side of their interesting stories. On the other hand, he reveals why AC Bradley was the right person to write these episodes. She’s known for bringing out the core emotions even in such sci-fi or superhero stories. These emotions play a crucial role in the Disney+ series.

As Bradley said, even if the characters go through a different journey, their traits and beliefs remain the same. As someone who has watched all the episodes, I agree. Despite being the superhero animated series with a multiversal concept, the show churned out a lot of complicated emotions.

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The animated MCU series finally gave us The Watcher, voiced by Jeffrey Wright. The makers explain why they decided to make The Watcher the main focus of the story. Jeffrey compares his character to Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone.

Further, The Making of What If shows us some BTS footage and how they wanted top-notch animation. Their goal was to bring the stunning cinematic experience on screen at home. Hence, Ryan Meinerding was their man for the animated department.

Further, the makers discuss how they wanted to give their best as it could’ve been the first and last season. Thankfully, we are getting What If Season 2 that will bring us more exciting and twisted stories. As Brad comments at one instance, the show is all about “ideas, ideas and ideas”, we hope they come up with intriguing ones for the next season too.

The Making of What If is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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The Making of What If Review: The latest Assembled episode introduces us to the people behind the concept and amazing show.

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Assembled The Making of What if Review: Ideas, Ideas and IdeasThe Making of What If Review: The latest Assembled episode introduces us to the people behind the concept and amazing show.