Aoashi Episode 6 Review: Cheers To The New Beginnings!

After the results, the freshly selected recruits are finally gathering at the club for the beginning of their training. Most of them have travelled from far and are relocating to Tokyo, where the Tokyo City Esperion FC is located. Who made it past the cut? How are the other players? Let’s find out more in this review!

Aoashi Episode 6 Overview

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Aoashi, also referred to as Ao Ashi, is a sports anime based on a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūgo Kobayashi. It has been serialized in Shogakukan’s seinen manga magazine Weekly Big Comic Spirits since January 2015. It is being produced by Production I.G, who have great hits such as Guilty Crown, Psycho-Pass, Kuroko’s Basketball, Haikyuu!!, Psycho-Pass 3 and Moriarty the Patriot.

Ao Ashi follows the story of a third-year middle school student Ashito Aoi living in Ehime prefecture, a backwater town in Japan. Ashito seems to possess talent but has a very straightforward personality. Because of this, other players dislike playing with him. Finally, he was able to join an average team where he felt accepted and came into the eyes of the coach of the youth team, Tatsuya Fukuya. Aoashi proceeds to showcase his journey from here.

The anime is being directed by Akira Satou, who worked on previous projects such as Deadman Wonderland and Release the Spyce, with scripts written by Masahiro Yokotani, and Nakatake and Yamaguchi also serving as chief animation directors. This episode of the show is also known as Ao Ashi Episode 6.

– Ao Ashi Episode 6 Review does not contain any spoilers –

Aoashi Episode 6 Review- Stage Is All Set

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After a tearful goodbye from his friends and family in the previous episode of Ao Ashi, Aoi has embarked on his new journey at the Tokyo City Esperion FC. Despite their financial difficulties, his mother has given Aoi permission, and even encouraged him, to pursue his dream. With a heartfelt letter fueling his passion and his new spikes from her, Aoi has left on the train for the city of Tokyo.

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Aoashi Episode 6 shows Aoi relocating to the club dorms, as are most of the players, for the sake of time-saving and convenience. Aside from Aoi, Ohtomo and Tachibana have also made it from the tryouts. This is a great set of characters who are very entertaining when together. Aoi is naive yet confident, and seems to possess a realistic outlook but pushes beyond any capabilities in situations. Ohtomo is hilarious and nervous, but the soccer games make him confident. Tachibana is really honest and sincere, making others blush due to his from-heart opinions.

We also get to meet other dorm residents in Ao Ashi Episode 6. Most of them seem to be friendly, yet time will reveal their true personalities. Various coaches also introduced themselves. Their speeches made the atmosphere shift from new and exciting to tense. As much as getting to this point is in itself a feat, it is nowhere near what all the athletes are aiming to be one day. Their goal was to be a pro, and they needed to be reminded of the long journey ahead of them.

Aoashi Episode 6 went into the pro-side of the things along with all the coaches’ speeches. A majority of perks of being in this club are revealed, and the pressure is on. With great and concise explanations of how the young recruited players can one day achieve their dreams makes Aoashi stand out amongst the various anime of the same genre (sports).

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This episode of Ao Ashi did its job of laying the foundation for the beginning of the training at the club. Though the things seemed too cluttered, as various moments and new characters were all suddenly introduced haphazardly. New characters acting a certain way towards some situation is a common trope, but in the case of Aoashi, all of them did it. This makes the team chemistry seem fractured before any actual match has begun. Hopefully, the future plot is written better, as the characters hold the potential to do much better.

aoashi episode 6- trio exicited


Aoashi Episode 6 was a pretty unimpressive episode. With too many characters crowded in a tiny time-space, the episode seemed lost in plot development. With its animation being mediocre due to no match throughout the episode, we hope the well-written characters are utilized properly.

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