Anxious People (2021) Review: Compelling and Amusing Dramedy

Anxious People is best viewed as a dramedy that will keep you constantly on edge directed by Felix Herngren and starring Leif Andrée, Marika Lagercrantz and Per Andersson in pivotal roles.

Anxious People review does not contain any spoilers

The Tale in Anxious People Is Told From Multiple Perspectives

Anxious People is perhaps best described as a slow burn. It’s not until close to the end that you appreciate just how masterfully Fredrick Backman has steered you towards this particular destination.

A new series from a bestselling author is always an exciting prospect. Still, with Anxious People, it’s hard to say if Backman is writing against type or if his previous novels have been warm-ups for this particular masterpiece.

Anxious People (2021) Review: Compelling and Amusing Dramedy

I find it fascinating how the author uses characters from his previous novels, but Anxious People is a stand-alone story, requiring no prior knowledge of his work.

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The Nitty-Gritty of Anxious People Is Comedic Rather Than Dramatic

Anxious People has an amusing plot with some serious elements to it, which will appeal to readers of all ages. Backman weaves a web of interconnected characters in this mini-series, and the style of storytelling keeps viewers guessing as to just how their lives are all connected.

Anxious People (2021) Review: Compelling and Amusing Dramedy

Every character has a secret they’re hiding, making them more relatable to those who have dealt with their anxieties and personal demons. The story also deals with grief and loss and love and family responsibilities.

The fast-paced plot and diverse cast of characters are reminiscent of Backman’s previous work, mainly how he takes a seemingly ordinary situation like apartment hunting and turns it into an emotional roller coaster. The novel is divided into six parts, each written from a different character’s point of view but told from the same day.

Anxious People Is an Aftermath of an Unexpected Incident

Entertaining and engaging, Anxious People is a dramedy that balances its comedic and dramatic elements well. It stretches the bounds of realism a bit too much in some respects, but the characters’ personal stories more than makeup for the sometimes hokey-pokey storyline.

The show explores the intricacies of modern-day life with its various complications and issues while also finding time to explore the bonds formed between strangers as they cope with their anxieties.

Anxious People (2021) Review: Compelling and Amusing Dramedy

These stories are told with an honesty that makes them relatable to anyone who’s ever felt like they didn’t quite fit into society’s boxes or who has struggled to make sense of their own emotions. With an intriguing balance of comedy and drama, Anxious People is worth checking out for fans of mystery series or those looking for a new comedy series to keep them laughing through their everyday stresses.

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Why Is Anxious People Worth Checking Out?

The series follows various characters who are bonded together by this incident. The drama bounces between multiple characters- explores the lives of six people who are brought together by an unexpected event.

There’s no denying that Backman is a master of his craft. Anxious People is written with great care and precision, with a steady hand steering the story and all its emotional nuance.

Anxious People (2021) Review: Compelling and Amusing Dramedy

Throughout the story, the characters are all trying to find meaning in their lives, to understand what has happened to them and what they can do about it. There’s a pervading sense of loneliness throughout Anxious People, making it stand out from other stories in similar genres.

Anxious People Narrative Isn’t Unsettling but Compelling

Even when characters are together, they feel alone; even when they have others by their sides, they feel isolated. It makes for an incredibly compelling watch—you can’t help but feel sympathy for these characters whose lives are not going as planned—and provides a strong emotional core for the story overall.

Anxious People (2021) Review: Compelling and Amusing Dramedy

Anxious People isn’t as warm and fuzzy as Backman’s previous novels, but in some ways, it’s the cleverer of his two mainstream works. It takes a deeper look at how we form our identities, the worlds we build around ourselves – and how fragile that is. It also says that we see those on the periphery who don’t fit into the standard moulds.

Stream It or Skip It?

If you’ve read Fredrik Backman before, you know what to expect: a quirky cast of characters, insightful observations about life, and an emotional punch in the gut.

Anxious People isn’t Backman’s first foray into the world of television, and it shows. The six-episode series follows three families in their daily lives as they attempt to find happiness through various means. Each story is unique and has its strengths and weaknesses.

Anxious People is streaming on Netflix.

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Anxious People is written with great care and precision, with a steady hand steering the story and all its emotional nuance.

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Anxious People (2021) Review: Compelling and Amusing DramedyAnxious People is written with great care and precision, with a steady hand steering the story and all its emotional nuance.