Anne+ the Film Review: An Exploration of Sexuality, Relationships and Life

Netflix has taken a grand step to finally release its famous Dutch LGBTQ+ series called Anne+ the Film. Directed by Valerie Bisscheroux, the film is written by Maud Weimeijer. The series of the same name that the movie is based on premiered back in 2018 and, quickly became a fan favourite with two seasons. The film is being produced by Millstreet Films and, stars Hanna van Vliet in the titular role along with Jouman Fattal, Thorn de Vries, Jade Olieberg, Eline van Gils, Jesse Mensah, Huib Cluistra, Alya Cekin, Amy van der Weerden and Anne-Chris Schulting. The film is 1 hour 35 minutes long with audio and subtitles available both in Dutch and English.

– Netflix’s Anne+ the Film Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

Anne+ the Film: A New Chapter

For the ones who are a fan of the existing series, this film offers nothing fresh but, rather a revision of Anne’s self-exploration. We meet our protagonist amidst the chaos of finding meaning in her life, relationships and, learning new expressions of being a queer, non-binary person.

The film starts with a short monologue from Anne about how life is just made up of memories and, we get a quick recap of her life’s shift from the Netflix’s series to the movie. Anne’s writing a book that awaits publication when her girlfriend, Sara moves to Montreal due to her job. Anne is to join Sara soon after her book’s publication progresses. Stuck in Amsterdam alone, Anne navigates through life with her friends.

However, when the decision of being in a polyamorous relationship takes Sara to a new person in her life, Anne is burdened with uncertainty. To add salt to the wound, her book is termed as uninteresting and rambling by her publishers which unwittingly pushes her plan to move with Sara further down the road and, finds her lost and demotivated. Until, Lou (played by Thorn de Vries) – a non-binary drag king crosses her path. With Lou’s help Anne witnesses a brand new world of perspectives and choices.

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Anne+ the film is nothing more than a companion guide one refers to after reading a long novel. It is an epilogue in Anne’s story from the series and, even though it has some interesting views, conversations and, turns to offer to the story, it is something that not everyone will be able to enjoy. The series, as well as the film, is an ode to the queer world out there and, stays true to its essence of sharing and educating the masses. But, is the film better than the series? The short answer is- No.

The actors in Anne+ the film exhibit warm, intimate chemistry that sucks you in. Lou’s character is a beautiful addition to the Anne+ Universe and, truly helps us see two sides of the same coin when Lou and Anne are side by side.

Anne+ the Film: Final Verdict

Anne+ the Film is a nice, quick watch and, definitely has some deep-rooted perspectives that might help the audience become inspired. However, this standalone sequel to the series is surely not as brilliant as one would want it to be.

You can watch the movie, Anne+ the Film now streaming on Netflix. However, the series which is also streaming on Netflix offers a rather superior vibe to our lost Anne story.

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Anne+ the Film serves as an epilogue to Netflix's famous LGBTQ+ series of the same name.

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Anne+ the Film serves as an epilogue to Netflix's famous LGBTQ+ series of the same name.Anne+ the Film Review: An Exploration of Sexuality, Relationships and Life