And Just Like That Episode 7 Review: Lovers’ Tiff and Lovers Meet

And Just Like That Episode 7 has little glimmers of hope for all our characters. And Just Like That is the reboot of the iconic Sex and the City series that is based on the bestselling book by Candance Bushnell of the same name and was created by Darren Star. We have Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis reprising in their previous roles as Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York Goldenblatt, respectively in this new shoe. Along with them, we have Mario Cantone, David Eigenberg, Sara Ramirez, Karen Pittman.

– And Just Like That Episode 7 review does not contain spoilers –

And Just Like That Episode 7: “Sex and the Widow”

According to the promo of And Just Like That Episode 7, we pretty much saw a dating angle coming in for Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie. The episode opens with a very authentic Sex and the City vibe as we see Carrie write as seasons pass by. When she finally gets her book to the editor though, there is an essential addition the editor requests to not kill people out of Carrie’s sad memoir- a glimmer of hope. This in turn is a way of pointing out if Carrie would put herself out there, if not for a sexual relationship then, at least for companionship.

Meanwhile, as Carrie is on her quest to find the perfect guy to produce that hopeful epilogue, we have had two old lovers meeting. As we last saw, Miranda had dropped Che a DM which turns out Che has not replied to, even though three months have gone by. When Che and Miranda finally come face to face, it is a funny, cute scene that ends in some much-wanted bliss.

We also have Charlotte and Harry’s angle in this episode and, this is one of the first where we get to see some significant amount of dialogue delivery from Harry and, him not just being another side character. A game of tennis and, some really feminist possession takes over Charlotte and, our sweet girl-next-door is no longer keeping her foot down. It was, however, apparent from the last episode where Charlotte called out Miranda that the former is no longer the stereotypical sweet girl character we have all cherished from the iconic series. Although, why is there this distinct change in Charlotte is still not clear from the script point of view.

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And Just Like That Episode 7 covers some important nuances of relationships and making new starts. The segments between Sarah Jessica Parker and Jon Tenney (who guest stars as Peter, a guy Carrie goes out on a date with) are really adorable and sweet and might just be the highlight of this episode.

And Just Like That Episode 7: Final Thoughts

Overall, this episode of And Just Like That was a sweet and soft touch on the love lives of our main characters. We know where they stand. However, where they go ahead is still a mystery. I hope there is more to Peter and Carrie and, more diverse exploration between Che and Miranda’s relationship apart from just sex.

You can watch And Just Like That Episode 7 now on HBO Max. All the episodes are going to get a weekly release, with three more episodes to go, on Thursdays, 3 am ET. The runtime for the episodes are around 40 minutes and can range up to an hour. To read the review about the previous episodes of this show, click here.

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And Just Like That Episode 7 smells of romance, both good and bad.

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And Just Like That Episode 7 Review: Lovers' Tiff and Lovers MeetAnd Just Like That Episode 7 smells of romance, both good and bad.