And Just Like That Episode 6 Review: Downtown, Diwali, Facelift and a Fight

And Just Like That Episode 6 is a mix of culture and call out on ‘progression’. And Just Like That is the revival series for Sex and the City that is based on the bestselling book by Candance Bushnell of the same name and created by Darren Star. This episode features Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis reprising in their previous roles as Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York Goldenblatt, respectively. Along with them, we have Mario Cantone, David Eigenberg, Sara Ramirez, Karen Pittman and, a special appearance from The Matrix Resurrections star Johnathan Groff.

– And Just Like That Episode 6 reviews does not contain spoilers –

And Just Like That Episode 6: “Diwali”

This particular episode directed by Cynthia Nixon herself takes us through different topics concerning Carrie and her friends. Initially, we see Carrie deciding to move downtown, taking a fresh start in her life after Big’s death (played by Chris Noth). Carrie’s decision to move downtown seems impulsive. But, is it worth it by the end?

Charlotte’s life is still in a whirlpool with her daughters (now, Lily too) being vocal about their opinions and wants. Meanwhile, Miranda has not approached Che but, is still fantasizing about their encounter from the last episode. This leads to a confrontation and an almost fight between Charlotte and Miranda, where the former calls her not ‘progressive enough’ to be in love with a person who identifies as a non-binary.

As angry as the comment sound, this was definitely a letdown in the show where they said something this degrading and hurtful out loud. Irrespective of the fact that Charlotte cannon understand what Miranda is going through, she could have chosen to be angry in a more polite way (given that is a characteristic trait of Charlotte and we rarely see her losing her temper). It is uncertain how the audience is going to react to it. But, it was surely a taunt to people who dare to fall in love and to the ones belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

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The segment where Carrie gets invited to Seema’s family function on Diwali will definitely be the highlight of the show. Along with the follow-up segment of the two friends talking in the car. Overall, And Just Like That Episode 6 had its moments of wholesomeness and disgust. The cameo by Johnathan Groff, who plays a face surgeon in this episode was a rather cute one and, we would love to see more star cast making guest appearances in the future.

And Just Like That Episode 6: Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the next episodes will be careful about their tone and how it addresses some issues. Given that there are only four episodes remaining, we can expect to see more personal growth on Charlotte as Carrie and Miranda have been growing since day one of the reboot.

You can watch And Just Like That Episode 6 now on HBO Max. All the episodes are going to get a weekly release, with five episodes already out and five more to go, on Thursdays, 3 am ET. The runtime for the episodes are around 40 minutes and can range up to an hour. To read the review about the previous episodes of And Just Like That, click here.

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And Just Like That Episode 6 is bright and shallow, all at the same time.

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And Just Like That Episode 6 Review: Downtown, Diwali, Facelift and a FightAnd Just Like That Episode 6 is bright and shallow, all at the same time.