And Just Like That Episode 4 Review: New Friendships Flourish As Grief Continues To Persist

And Just Like That Episode 4 shows new friendships taking place. Created by Darren Star, this is the revival of the iconic series Sex and the City based on the bestselling book by Candance Bushnell of the same name. It stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis reprising in their previous roles as Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York Goldenblatt, respectively with the twist of being in their 50s and trying to fit into the modern world. Other prominent roles are played by Mario Cantone, David Eigenberg, Willie Garson, Evan Handler and Sara Ramirez. With weekly episodic releases, the fourth episode is approximately 40 minutes long.

– HBO’s And Just Like That Episode 4 review does not contain spoilers –

And Just Like That Episode 4: “Some of My Best Friends”

Directed by Gillian Robespierre and written by Keli Goff, And Just Like That Episode 4 touches on new friendships and Carrie’s continuous grief that she is unconsciously trying to push away. In this episode, we witness the entry of a new character and the inclusion of the existing two.

As per And Just Like That Episode 3, we see Carrie go back to her old apartment- a possible metaphor to try to sink in back to the comfort of her old life before Big, to push away the grief and trauma of Big’s death. But, she hasn’t stopped there, as a few minutes in we find out that she is planning to sell her apartment that she shared with Big and has already contacted a realtor. Entry, Seema Patel. One of the most awaited characters of this Sex and the City reboot. Seema is played by actor Sarita Choudhury, who charms us and Carrie with her presence.

At the beginning of the episode, we also get a sneak peek of Karen Pittman’s Prof. Nya Wallace at her home, with her husband. Though only for a couple of seconds, we understand that the episode is further going to delve deeper to give us more insight into the character. Later, we see Nya and Miranda catch up for a dinner and spark an uncalled friendship over the topic of motherhood.

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Our sweet girl Charlotte continues to try to do ‘everything right’. She plans to be ‘real friends’ with Nicole Ari Parker’s Lisa Todd Wexley aka LTW and not just ‘mom friends’. There is a humour and also a slight offence to how this segment is handled, but the individuals can have their own pick.

However, And Just Like That Episode 4 does not explore Charlotte’s daughter’s identity further and that might be the only disappointing turnout of this episode. The revelation of Charlotte’s daughter, Rose (played by Alexa Swinton) not identifying as a ‘girl’ was a critical point in the series, giving the writers a chance to explore how motherhood might look for Charlotte (who is s full-time mom, so that is really an important part of her character). It would be sad to find out if the revelation was only used to provide a sense of epiphany to Charlotte’s character and not show her struggles.

And Just Like That Episode 4: Final Thoughts

Overall, And Just Like That Episode 4 provides a decent pace to the storytelling- not moving too fast or too slow. It shows suppressed grief jumping out nicely and the new friendships that are taking place are interesting and need to be further explored.

You can watch And Just Like That Episode 4 now on HBO Max. The episodes are going to get a weekly release- Thursdays, 3 am ET. To read the review about the previous episodes of And Just Like Thatclick here.

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And Just Like That Episode 4 is fresh off the boat with blooming new friendships and looming grief.


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