And Just Like That (Ep 1-2) Review: Carrie Bradshaw & Her Company Are Old Souls in a New World

And Just Like That has been called the revival of the iconic show Sex and the City, and even though the characters from the latter are continuing their story in this series, it is going to be much more than a romantic comedy. The first episodes titled- ‘Hello, It’s Me’ and ‘Little Black Dress’ which premiered together has made it very clear that our characters are struggling and trying to cope in the modern world. This world has not just changed after a pandemic but, also evolved and is not the same like it was when our characters were in their 30s.

– And Just Like That (Ep 1-2) review contains mild spoilers –

And Just Like That: Sex and the City’s New Chapter

Directed and written by Michael Patrick King, And Just Like That sees the return of our old characters and, flaunts some new ones too. The biggest reveal of this series is the absence of Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones. The quartet is now a trio with Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw, Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda Hobbes and Kristin Davis’ Charlotte York-Goldenblatt. The show does not linger around with what has happened to Samantha as that is pretty much the first question not only the audience asks our trio but, other characters in the series too. The elephant in room is cleared out as Carrie and Miranda offer us an explanation.

The first episode seems like putting on an old cardigan that gives you the comfort of familiarity but, the edges are worn out making it look no longer sharp. Our characters give us a warm welcome- Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are still the same when it comes to their personalities but, if you look deeper they have changed. Carrie is no longer writing books but, is on a podcast that discusses gender identity. Miranda has left law to study Human Rights. And, Charlotte is struggling with her emotions and a daughter she does not quite understand.

These adaptive changes come with their own set of challenges though. SATC was infamous for not being racially diverse enough and rather a white women textbook, which the revival is trying to change.

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Carrie’s boss identifies as a queer, bisexual nonbinary comedian, Che (played by Sara Ramírez) who looks promising to take the narrative forward from cishet to make the show more inclusive and less offensive. Miranda’s professor is Dr. Nya Wallace (played by Karen Pittman) who is trying to change the white women saviour complex that is inflicted all the time while making anti-racist remarks. Charlotte, on the other hand, has befriended a Black socialite Lisa Todd Wexley (played by Karen Pittman) who is giving just the right vibes to replace the fourth member of the group.

While these subplots weave out, a tragedy marks the central climax of the story which also give the audience a more concrete take on what the title means. This is not the reimagining of SATC. And Just Like That is taking our characters who were living their dreams during their 30s to a more grounded reality of what growing old feels like. It slaps them hard on their face and deeply resonates as a grief drama that has its moments of comic relief.

And Just Like That (Ep 1-2) Review: Final Thoughts

And Just Like That feels fresh, different and acceptable in today’s temperament. After watching the first two episodes you can make out that the show is aggressively trying not to be offensive, to make sure we realize that it isn’t the script but our old characters in a more evolved world. There are moments of joy and moments when you tear up as the end of the first episode shocks you. But, you are going to hold on, you need to know what happens next.

You can watch the first two episodes of And Just Like That on HBO Max. The series is going to be 10 episodes long with each 44-minute episode getting a weekly release- Thursdays, 3 am ET.

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And Just Like That gives us back our old characters but some new twists we never see coming.

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And Just Like That (Ep 1-2) Review: Carrie Bradshaw & Her Company Are Old Souls in a New WorldAnd Just Like That gives us back our old characters but some new twists we never see coming.