Disney+ Among the Stars Review: Spacewalk is Not a Cakewalk

Among the Stars, a space documentary, is now out on Disney+. The documentary has 6 episodes of 45-50 minutes each featuring astronaut Christopher Cassidy, Samuel Ting and other NASA scientists. Directed by Ben Turner, the episodes also have English subtitles.

The synopsis reads – NASA Astronaut Captain Chris Cassidy and the NASA team take on the challenges of space exploration.

Disney+ Among the Stars Review Contains Mild Spoilers

We are all awestruck by the grandeur of space and the universe. As kids, most of us have fantasised about exploring planets and seeing Earth and other worlds from above. We can’t help but admire NASA astronauts when we hear about them landing on the moon, Mars or carrying out their missions in space. What we witness when they take off is the culmination of a lot of preparation and hard effort by brilliant scientists and astronauts.

In the Disney+ space documentary Among the Stars, we meet astronaut Chris Cassidy, who shares his flying experience to space twice. He’s looking forward to the third assignment, but things don’t go as planned. The producers have shown us how wonderful the experience is for these astronauts and the NASA team in the first 20 minutes. Later, the series focuses on everything that happens before and after the astronauts go into space. Spacewalk is not a cakewalk.

About Among the Stars documentary, Chris told Space.com, “The show does a great job of demonstrating the hard work of engineers and planners and making the equipment for the repairs. Then it ultimately comes to some human being, the astronaut, who can make mistakes, to put in this new repair and conduct the mission at hand.”

These amazing minds work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to discover the world beyond Earth, and every second counts. Director Ben did an excellent job allowing Chris Cassidy to speak about his journey and their team’s months and years of hard work. Cassidy and his team of engineers, flight controllers, and specialists take on missions that put their lives, limbs, and reputations on the line to discover more about the world we live in.

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The documentary also shows us footage from space, NASA, and those captured by these astronauts personally. We also get a view from the astronauts’ cameras of the massive world we live in. All the visuals are stunning, and somehow, I found them poetic. Watching the documentary’s in-depth approach to space missions was highly interesting for someone who reads about these operations through the media.

Among the Stars Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the documentary show is worth your time. No profession is easy, especially the one where one has to fly out of their planet to a space that possibly has no end. Watching the NASA professionals heave a sigh of relief and celebrate their success is quite moving. It sheds light on how passionate everyone is to give people like us a view of worlds beyond the Earth.

Among the Stars is now streaming on Disney+.

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Among the Stars: Astronaut Chris Cassidy talks us through the efforts NASA puts in to make the space missions happen.

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Disney+ Among the Stars Review: Spacewalk is Not a CakewalkAmong the Stars: Astronaut Chris Cassidy talks us through the efforts NASA puts in to make the space missions happen.