Amazon’s Ikkat Review: A Mediocre and Boring Attempt!

Ikkat premiered on 21st July 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Esham and Haseem Khan, the Kannada-language film stars Bhoomi Shetty, Nagabhushana, Sunder, and Rj Vikki.

Ikkat review is spoiler-free!

Covid and All!

Ikkat tells the story of Mr and Mrs Vasu whose marriage is on the verge of collapsing. It seems as if there is nothing common between these two. But things take a turn when the pandemic forces everyone to stay at home, obviously, forcing Mr and Mrs Vasu to stay together a lot longer than they wanted. But as if this wasn’t enough the arrival of unexpected guests cause trouble in their life they didn’t see coming!

Ikkat is shot entirely in a house, there is not even a single shot that’ll tell you about the surrounding or the locality. Therefore, the film plays out in a very limited area considering that it’s an in-house comedy. Undeniably, the film tries to be quirky but fails at it most of the time. It is safe to say that Ikkat is a patience tester loaded with cringe-worthy moments. It treads on a fine line between quirky and cringy, often tilting towards the latter. While some might find the clean humour in the film funny, it is just not engaging!

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Other than that, despite being rooted in reality, the film doesn’t feel real or relatable. In terms of its characters, Nagabhushana as Vasu and Bhoomi Shetty as Mrs Vasu do a fairly good job, the only lack here is the script that doesn’t offer them much character arc or playfield for their characters. And since the film works on a flat line mostly, there isn’t much to say or see here.

Amazon's Ikkat Review: A Mediocre and Boring Attempt! 2

Considering that Ikkat is a 2hr5min long film, it had me irritated throughout with a ‘huh, what?’ face, and left me questioning almost everything about the film. If you want to watch films that are closer to reality right now, there are various anthologies and films around Covid-19 and their impact on individuals in various aspects on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and Prime Video. I suggest you check them out before you turn to Ikkat. But then again if you’re looking for a no-brainer then Ikkat might as well be your cup of tea.

It seems as if Ikkat had the potential of being a funny, in-house comedy and drama but it lost itself somewhere in the beginning! There isn’t anything that you will remember about the film once you’re through it and that’s a wastage of both time and energy that you’ll spend on watching Ikkat!

Stream It or Skip It

SKIP IT! Ikkat to me is a skip worthy, in-house comedy-drama that went wrong. There isn’t much to take away from the film neither are there hilarious or heartfelt moments of realisation and love. It’s just there for the sake of it.

Ikkat is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.




Ikkat is Mr. and Mrs. Vasu's story of a messy lockdown life, Covid-19, and unexpected drama!

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