Amazon’s Guvva Gorinka Review: Here We Go Again With An Insipid Lovestory!

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Guvva Gorinka premiered on 17th December 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. Written and directed by Mohan Bammidi, the Telugu-language film stars Satyadev, Priyaa Lal, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna, and Madhumita alongside other cast members.

Love With A Wall In Between!

Have you ever seen a love story or a romantic film that makes you want to run or barf, well, Guvva Gorinka is here to do that! Set in Hyderabad, the film mostly revolves around the “unconventional” love between Sadhanand and Sireesha aka Siri (really?) While Sadhanand is an engineer, Siri is a budding violin player who also happen to be neighbours.

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Sadhanand scares Siri somehow from across the wall (using an ultra-strong magnet) making her believe there’s a ghost to make Siri run away from her flat for an invalid reason. And as the story progresses, we see both of them falling in love all the while talking through the wall with a few roadblocks like the wall itself – unnecessary and shallow.

Two people talking through the wall in 2020 makes no sense at all. The cuts in the film are rough and oftentimes they just hop from one scene to another without even developing the scene or storyline properly. The film is mostly set in 2 locations – a garage and Siri and Sadhanand’s apartments and it is easily the silliest of love-stories ever! Priya Lal as Sireesha is so unconvincing as a violin player that it is hilarious and annoying. Nothing makes sense, neither their love story nor Sireesha’s best friend and her relationship.

Guvva Gorinka
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One character that specifically made the movie go even more downhill has to be Priyadarshi, the sound allergic Sadhanand’s best friend who often spends enormous amounts of money as he thinks that is the only way to get them to like him. He tirelessly chases girls and women anywhere and everywhere, forcefully talking to them, and buying them material things all the while dictating to them about what they can and cannot wear. Creepy and unfunny!

Guvva Gorinka was supposed to release back in 2017 but the storyline is boring, outdated, and uninteresting for then too! And little did anyone know that you can make a hole in the wall by just hitting the wall 4 times with an easily liftable chair and then make that hole human size by some magic. Nothing adds up here and it is a complete waste of time even if it was to be released in the year 2000. From start to the finish, Guvva Gorinka is a bore-fest and it forces you to hit the stop button. 

Stream It or Skip It?

Guvva Gorinka
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SKIP IT! Guvva Gorinka has nothing new or innovative or engaging in it. It is lacklustre with unconvincing performances and a heartless storyline which serves as an example of OTT platforms releasing poorly-selected content with bad direction, screenplay, and acting.

Guvva Gorinka is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Guvva Gorinka is one good example of what not to do while making a movie!


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