Amazon Prime’s Sarpatta Parambarai Review: Pa. Ranjith’s Sports Drama Is an Absolute Gem

– Sarpatta Parambarai review does not contain spoilers –

Amazon Prime released Sarpatta Parambarai, a Tamil language period sports drama, that is three hours long but not even once will it feel boring or dragged. From every punch to every line, everything about this film is appreciable. Sarpatta Parambarai revolves around two clans Idiyappa Parambarai and Sarpatta Parambarai, in the 80s in the north of Chennai. A member of the latter clan named Kabilan, played by Arya, loves to box but is kept away from the sports by his mother.

In the heat of the moment, Kabilan’s coach, whom he worships, accepts a challenge that takes him to the boxing ring. The decision transforms his life and makes him a popular boxer. The story might seem too straightforward but when you watch Sarpatta Parambarai, you will realize that the film is not about one person. It has layers and layers of drama surrounding people, place, and time which are all intertwined with boxing.

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A Total Knockout

Pa. Ranjith, director of Sarpatta Parambarai, has used his excellent writing skills to make the film an absolute masterpiece. He has been able to make a sports drama more than just a sports drama. The film is set in the backdrop of the 1970’s Emergency in India when Tamil Nadu wants a free state. This socio-political issue is used as a context for a sports film, which is a surprising take. Sarpatta Parambarai also shows an uprising of the oppressed while the motives of the privileged are more subtle.

Through the story, Sarpatta Parambarai is able to show us the history of boxing in Tamil Nadu and the area around the state. It also brings the vibrant culture of the city. The film also puts emphasis on the different caste and classes. Even in the clan itself, we can see the social strata being present. There are times when the oppression is overshadowed by the other plot.

Sarpatta Parambarai boxing scene
Amazon Prime’s Sarpatta Parambarai Review: Pa. Ranjith’s Sports Drama Is an Absolute Gem 3

As the story moves forward, you will fall in love with different characters. Such as Kaliban’s wife Mariamma, played by Dushara Vijayan. Her character development is amazing and is written quite well. Even the actress does an applaudable job. At times, you will find yourself unable to take your eyes of Mariamma. Another character whom we can appreciate is Rangan Vaathiyar, played by Pasupathi, who is a celebrated coach.

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Another interesting character is Dancing Rose who is played by Shabeer Kallarakkal. During the boxing scenes in which this character is present, it seems as if it is a professional boxer. Unless you learn it is not and that leaves you completely astonished. His moves which are filled with grace and speed in the ring make the staged scene look real.

Stream It Or Skip It?

The first half of the Sarpatta Parambarai is filled with zeal and zinger but as we move to the second half, the tone shifts to mellow as Kabilan and others around him start to face obstacles. Even as we reach the end, Pa. Ranjith has been able to keep the excitement alive and our eyes stuck to the screen. The final fight sequence and the battle represent more than just the fight elevates the ending. The film ends with a knock-out punch or in others words, a bang.

Sarpatta Parambarai coach scene
Amazon Prime’s Sarpatta Parambarai Review: Pa. Ranjith’s Sports Drama Is an Absolute Gem 4

Kabilan’s whole boxing experience and every fight are more than just his personal endeavor. Sarpatta Parambarai shows it as a treasure for the whole clan instead of his personal pursuit. The film is about a journey of a community and hence, it does not come to a close ending as the journey does not end there. Sarpatta Parambarai is a must-watch film, not only because of the important story, the amazing writing but also because of the powerful acting, and perfect music.

You can watch Sarpatta Parambarai on Amazon Prime.

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Sarpatta Parambarai is a Tamil-language period sports drama directed by Pa. Ranjith and packs a mean punch.

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