Amazon Prime’s Sara’s Review: An Important Movie on Women’s Rights

Amazon Prime’s Sara’s is a Malayalam romantic-comedy movie about a few societal norms that exist in every household but no one ever talks about. Directed by Jude Anthany Joseph, Sara’s story revolves around the rights and choices a woman has when it comes to career, marriage, and childbirth.

The movie revolves around a young woman named Sara played by Anna Ben, who wants to make films. She has worked on a few projects but never as a director. Sara is a career-minded woman who has big dreams. She is light-hearted and has strong opinions about her life. Most importantly she knows that if and whenever she gets married, she does not want to have kids.

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Sara meets Jeevan, played by Sunny Wayne, while researching for one of her scripts for a thriller film. Both of them become attracted to each other due to their similar thinking. Just like Sara, Jeevan also does not want to have kids, a revelation that came while taking care of his sister’s kids.

Breaking the Social Norms

The story of Sara’s is quite important as it not only talks about things we never do but it also breaks many social stigmas. The protagonist’s independence and the right to choose can be seen time and again. From her doing things as small as riding her scooter to her not stopping until she finds a good producer for her movie.

As the story continues, Sara and Jeevan get married. Soon after that Sara is pressurized to get a desk job and have kids. What makes Sara’s brilliant is that while showing a free and independent woman, the story does not get too unrealistic. The protagonist faces sexism at home and in the workplace. When talking about kids, Jeevan says that they have decided to not have any because it is too much of a responsibility. Jeevan’s mother says that it is Sara’s responsibility and not his.

Sara's Sara and Jeevan

At the workplace, Sara is constantly belittled by her male coworkers who don’t listen to her or pass judgments because she is a woman. You can also see that she is the only woman working on the set. After a year of marriage, Sara becomes pregnant accidentally and decides to get an abortion. Much to her dismay, her husband and all of her family opposes her decision. At this point of the story, it delivers an important message that couples should discuss whether or not they want kids before they get married.

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To Be or Not to Be?

Sara’s is a movie that opens a dialogue about a woman’s choice in a relatable way. Sara and Jeevan going on a trip together before they are married, her drinking, smoking, and everything else that defines this modern woman is a solid reflection of today’s relationships. It also shows how the couples have divided their household chores instead of the woman doing everything. Moreover, Jeevan takes on more tasks as he understands that Sara is busier than him.

After a lot of thinking and fighting, Sara and Jeevan meet a counsellor who tells them that not being a parent is better than being a bad parent. This is something that we should preach. He explains to Jeevan, who wants the child that more often than not accidental pregnancy is harder than a planned one as neither of the couples is expecting. Being a parent is not easy. People have to sacrifice a lot, and especially in a society like this, it is the woman who has to make most of the sacrifices.

Sara's Sara and a kid

The doctor also tells the couple that if the pregnancy is causing a mental or physical toll on the woman, then she can decide to abort without anyone’s permission. A lot of women in India are unaware of this or are not told about this. Sara’s attempt towards changing that even if on a small level is commendable.

Every person, regardless of their gender, should watch Sara’s as it is not only informative but entertaining as well. The story is carefully woven to be relatable and funny while breaking the social norms that have confined women for years.

You can watch Sara’s on Amazon Prime.

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Sara's is a Malayalam romantic-comedy movie that attempts at breaking the societal norms on abortions and women's rights.

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Amazon Prime's Sara's Review: An Important Movie on Women's RightsSara's is a Malayalam romantic-comedy movie that attempts at breaking the societal norms on abortions and women's rights.