Amazon Prime Video’s Maradona A Blessed Dream Review: Personality of Historical Transcendence

Maradona A Blessed Dream is a dream, a curse, a blessing, an obsession that no one can get rid of. It’s true. And it’s also the truth that Diego Maradona had more charisma on the field than in his life. No doubt, Maradona has been able to transmit it to him through this series. But his popularity does not stem only from what he did on the field or outside of it. The main reason is that he represents something more universal: passion, dreams, obstacles, successes and failures, the struggle to get ahead without renouncing your origins.

– Maradona A Blessed Dream review does not contain spoilers –

The Docuseries Talks about Who was the Real Maradona?

The documentary has everything: history, football, drama. From the childhood of Diego to his last breath as a player in Mexico. A sober portrait, open to all kinds of interpretations about the Argentine idol without being too defeatist or demonizing. The extensive bets are there: Maradona’s genius on the pitch is undeniable, but it was accompanied by a complex personality that gave rise to erratic behaviour.

maradona a blessed dream

The result is a fascinating portrait of a man who achieved greatness despite many flaws and missteps. Therefore, Maradona A Blessed Dream is more than just another documentary about a footballer and much better than you would expect from something that comes from Amazon Prime Video.

Maradona A Blessed Dream is written by Guillerno Salmerón and Silvina Olschansky and directed by Alejandro Aimetta. It has an unprecedented narrative: Maradona tells us his life, from the moment he starts to play soccer and comes into contact with an Argentinean mafia that will give him a second home to when he became the best player in the world in Europe.

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Maradona: A Blessed Dream shows an Image of a Man with Many Contradictions

The docuseries is a chronicle of the life of Diego Armando Maradona, from the lower depths of Buenos Aires until the ‘hand of god’ and his eternal rival: Brazil. From his precarious childhood in Villa Fiorito (a dangerous neighbourhood in the city) and his family to his triumphs and failures with Argentina’s team.

Maradona A Blessed Dream tells us about the beginning of his career, his first time in the Argentinos Juniors and Boca Juniors, in a very reliable way to what happened. In this sense, it is a documentary where friendship, love and values ​​are demonstrated.

maradona a blessed dream

The episodes are very well written, and the acting is outstanding, so we understand his feelings and thoughts perfectly. What I like most about Maradona A Blessed Dream is that it shows how Diego felt at each stage of his life since he always had a lot of confidence in himself and suffered at times, but he never gave up.

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Blessed Dream is a Biopic of how Maradona Lived from His Perspective

Maradona A Blessed Dream is a biopic about Maradona that shows the life of a young man from a poor neighbourhood in Argentina who would become the best football player in the world. It’s an entertaining series that mixes facts with fictional ones.

Viewers will see how Maradona started playing football, learned his famous dribblings and goals, and became a legend for all generations.

maradona a blessed dream

On a production level, the series is very well made. The cinematography is excellent, and they chose great locations to shoot it. The soundtrack is also perfect as it features original music from Diego’s time played by different bands from Argentina.

The acting is terrific as well as all of them look like their real-life counterparts. In addition, there are also some funny moments as the producers added some gags to make it more entertaining. Overall, Maradona A Blessed Dream is entertaining and enjoyable for all viewers who like biopics or enjoy watching football.

Blessed Dream is a Biography about the Many Faces of Diego Maradona

Maradona A Blessed Dream strength resides in its ability to gather testimonials from those who have lived with Maradona, in his neighbourhood, in his family, in his dressing room. His teammates, idolized by the fans of the time, speak frankly about the man who was always better than them. They praise his talent and confess that they couldn’t follow him when he ran with the ball at full speed.

maradona a blessed dream

Thanks to its narrative strategies, some of what we know about Maradona would be lost in such a film, but no less than what we will never know. But this film would not exist without that Diego, who allowed himself to be filmed and shared his past with us.

From his childhood in Villa Fiorito to Naples and Barcelona, they passed through Boca Juniors and the Napoli teammates: all these men who fought for their idol, who was inspired by him and who now remembers him as “a brother”. Many others worked on this film with great dedication.

Stream It or Skip It?

Simply put, Maradona A Blessed Dream is one of the best biographies of Amazon Prime Video, the most ambitious and entertaining that has been done on one of the most controversial figures in world football. A big-budget and a great name in its cast have made this documentary based on interviews with family, friends, and colleagues of Diego Armando Maradona. This international blockbuster has already streamed in more than 140 countries in multiple languages.

Maradona A Blessed Dream is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Maradona A Blessed Dream is a breeze to watch and is both ambitious and entertaining.

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Amazon Prime Video's Maradona A Blessed Dream Review: Personality of Historical TranscendenceMaradona A Blessed Dream is a breeze to watch and is both ambitious and entertaining.