Amazon Prime’s Karnan Review: A Story of Good Winning Over Evil

Karnan is a Tamil-language movie released in theatres two months ago. But today, Amazon Prime released it on its OTT platform, breaking all the anticipation. The film has a running time of 159 minutes with English subtitles.


The movie stars Dhanush in and as Karnan, along with Lal as Yeman, Rajisha Vijayan as Draupathi, and other eminent actors in pivotal roles. The story is very simple with a familiar plotline, but the angst and pain and anger is not typical.

The movie is about an angry boy Karnan and his love for his village, Podiyankulam, to save him from the hands of evil. The story goes back to 1997, about the village that had been separated from the rest of the districts because it is full of Dalit people who never bow down their head. The movie has been helmed beautifully by Mari Selvaraj.

The film opens with a scene where a ten-year-old girl is seen dying of a seizure, and slowly, the camera zooms out, showing that buses are moving beside the body while she breathes her last. Then while zooming in the camera, it shows a deity’s mask replaces the girl’s face. (Spoilers Alert) in the whole movie, you will see her once in a while.

Karnan movie has a metaphorical or symbolical touch with Mahabharat and mythology. The fight starts boiling when Karnan (Dhanush) wants to get a bus stop for the village. The movie has the right amount of emotion, struggle, love, action that is needed to show how the oppressor behaves and what the oppressed faces.

Why this a ‘must-watch’?

Movies with such intense and important themes need to be watched. They spread awareness. The film has a great music score with beautiful landscapes. The camera work deserves special mention. From the script to the look and feel, to the colour tone of the film has been done with utmost care.

And, what to say about Dhanush? No one could have ever justified the character other than him. Be it the drunk dance, or action sequences, or wielding the sword like a prince or romancing with the love of his life. Rajisha played Draupathi, Karnan’s love interest, who has a sweet screen timing in the film. Yogi Babu has done a great job in characterising his role. Lal as Yeman has portrayed a beautiful bond with Karnan, he is cute when he is needed to be, and he is angry like a lion when his village needs it.

I, on the other hand, who well, won’t say dislike but do not watch many South Indian movies, got hooked to this one from the very beginning of it. The opening song, the angst in everyone’s eyes and Dhanush being captivated was enough for me to get engaged totally.

Mari has done a marvellous job in blending metaphorical scenes with movie sequences that will give a unique impact. Mari didn’t even shy away in showing some delicate scenes.

Why would you skip it?


Yeah, that’s where my verdict comes. You don’t skip it. The movie isn’t dubbed yet, so that might be the problem, but honestly, the emotions are enough to make you understand what is going on. And well, you will get English subtitles also.

Karnan is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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