Amazon’s I’m Your Woman Review: Embracing Your Power

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I’m Your Woman is a neo-noir crime-drama movie directed by Julia Hart and starring Rachel Brosnahan, Arinzé Kene, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Bill Heck, Frankie Faison, Marceline Hugot and James McMenamin.

While watching the innumerable mob-related movies, do you always wonder what happens to the wives and girlfriends of the fearless bad boys who are always spouting profanities and toting guns? Standing just out of sight, always demure, passed around mob bosses – forever without a voice. Do you wonder what happens when the mob bosses die? Do they take their place? Or do these women just get forgotten like their significant others?

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Although the answers can be varied, I’m Your Woman at least makes the effort to bring the story of one such woman who is left to fend for herself after her husband gets a bit too busy one day and shoots up the mob boss.

Jean’s life turns upside down when her husband Eddie murders his boss and disappears. Jumping from safehouse to safehouse, she and her baby try to do whatever it takes to survive.

  • I'm Your Woman
  • I'm Your Woman
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As I was saying, I’m Your Woman looks at the people who are often forgotten in the chaos that is mob movies. It’s a movie about struggle and perseverance and showcases the desperation of a mother coming to terms with a new reality. Jean’s truth is severely turned upside down and she learns a lot of things about her husband through the course of this journey. She starts off confused and scared, but by the end of it, she turns into a woman with a mission.

The concept of women on the run is always a treat to watch, especially when they learn to control and use their own power. I’m Your Woman, while looking at Jean’s struggles as a criminal’s wife, also looks at the struggles of a mother who is not quite used to understanding all the needs of her baby. Too often we see women being absolutely amazing at handling their infants on screen. But the reality of that is hardly anything similar, and Jean’s struggles to pacify her child seem all too real.

I'm Your Woman
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Production and costume designs are absolutely splendid in this 70s crime drama, with cinematography doing a wonderful job at bringing forth the charms and dark, tinted reality of the neo-noir genre. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous, especially night shots which are bathed in the perfect amount of darkness and light. Every scene is thought through and adds to the vibe and tone of the movie.

Rachel Brosnahan as Jean is absolutely breath-taking as is her performance relatable. She turns from a confused wife to a woman with authority and determination flawlessly and her believable portrayal makes this a more satisfying watch. Arinzé Kene and Marsha Stephanie Blake are great as well, and there is not a moment that their performances feel forced or fake.

However, in the path of being a tale of empowerment, I’m Your Woman does not really let its leading lady get away from waiting for her husband’s return. In each an every safehouse she waits and waits and goes through mundane routines to keep herself occupied. Ofcourse, that stops after sometime, but it does make you think as to whether Jean really did get to get away from the clutches of men.

Summing up: I’m Your Woman

I'm Your Woman

I’m Your Woman is a satisfying movie about coming to power and embracing your strengths. Jean’s journey starts to feel personal after a while and you root for the woman who was forced into a situation out of the blue. The movie is gorgeous and well-acted and has enough to keep you occupied throughout its 2-hour runtime.

I’m Your Woman is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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I'm Your Woman is a satisfying movie about coming to power and embracing your strengths. Jean’s journey starts to feel personal after a while and you root for the woman who was forced into a situation out of the blue.
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