Amazon’s C U Soon Review: Fahadh Faasil-Starrer Shines with a Great Cast and Story

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C U Soon is a thriller movie directed by Mahesh Narayan and starring Fahadh Faasil, Darshana Rajendran, Roshan Mathew.

Thrilling from the first minute

C U Soon follows Jimmy who meets Anu on a dating website and decides to marry her. However, when Anu disappears without a trace, it is up to Jimmy’s web-security expert cousin Kevin to find the truth.

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This movie completely caught me off-guard. When the movie started, I thought it was heading in a completely different direction. Around the one-hour mark, I expected it to be something else, however, it turned out to be something absolutely different that I didn’t even expect. Fresh out of watching movies like Unfriended: Dark Web and Host, I had completely given up any expectations for this sub-genre. But C U Soon is a great addition to it, so much so that it keeps you on the edge of your seat till the final revelation.

C U Soon

The movie starts out innocently enough. Jimmy and Anu meet on a dating website and sparks fly. Although the relationship progresses at an exceptional pace, with Jimmy falling in love with her and wanting to marry her within a week, it’s nothing sinister. Until one day Anu turns up beaten and bruised. Jimmy rescues her, and the two try to live a normal life, Jimmy still expecting to marry her. However, a fated meeting with Anu’s father brews trouble in their lives, and soon he realises it was a terrible idea to get involved in all this.

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Among this mess we have Kevin. He’s a hot-headed cyber-security expert, who doesn’t think twice before saying something. When his background check regarding Anu comes up fine, he gives them the green signal. However, when Anu disappears, it seems like he is the only person who can find out the truth.

C U Soon’s beauty lies in its plot that slowly builds into something no one could’ve imagined. It’s simple enough when it starts off, and the worst you can imagine is cat-fishing. However, when the truth comes out at the fag end of the movie, it potentially rattles you. There are no unnecessary scenes, neither it is too fast to follow considering there’s a lot of reading involved. It slowly builds and then delivers us one blow after the other at the last moment. The information is heart-breaking and disturbing at the same time, and you feel empathetic for Anu.

C U Soon
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Another solid aspect of the movie is its performances. There’s not a lot that can be said about Fahadh Faasil or Roshan Mathew. Faasil speaks with his eyes. Even when he is not delivering dialogue, his eyes do most of the talking. He switches from angry, concerned to caring in a jiffy, like it’s no big deal. Mathew, on the other hand, does an excellent job at portraying a character who is, firstly, very volatile and, secondly, going through some very tough situations. You can feel the urgency, desperation and heartbreak that he is going through. However, Jimmy can get a bit overbearing sometimes.

However, the one person who shines the brightest here is Darshana Rajendran. C U Soon is entirely dependant on her being great at what she is doing, and she delivers with ease. Her sadness, desperation, her inability to deal with a situation entirely out of her control, and her determination to fight against all odds is brilliantly portrayed. You feel so bad for her that when the plot is revealed, you cannot help yourself but cry.

Summing up: C U Soon

C U Soon

As I said before, the plot takes its time to build the tension, and it is a great and thrilling ride. Shot entirely on iPhones and tablets, not one moment of the movie will be difficult to watch or follow. For my fellow readers who will be watching this movie dependant on subtitles (like me), don’t worry, the movie gives you enough time to read and keep a track of what is going on. It’s a smart and well-made movie that definitely makes you think. Also, the ending’s heartfelt and nice and we love a happy ending.

C U Soon is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Amazon's C U Soon is a thrilling ride from the get-go. With great performances and a tense and tight story-line, it makes for a very satisfying watch.
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