Amandla (2022) Review: Unleashes the True Meaning of Power

Here’s a riveting crime drama with an intense and thrilling script, Amandla is a terrific movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The film does not fail to deliver, as it is filled with drama, suspense, and tension. Without a doubt, it is thoroughly entertaining!

Amandla Review does not contain any spoilers

Amandla Stands True to Its Meaning and Drives the Storyline

Amandla is an Afrikaans word that means power, so when you hear this word, you think about strength, confidence and pride. What makes this movie so intriguing is that it does not glorify violence or condone criminal activity. It shows how detrimental crime and violence can be to society and the individual.


The film is well cast. Each actor is convincing in their role, especially the two lead actors, who are outstanding. Lemogang Tsipa plays his role very convincingly. His performance is exceptional. The entire cast does justice to their characters and portrays them very well.

Told with exquisite sensitivity and passion by the filmmaker, Amandla is an uplifting and deeply moving tale that blends suspense, drama, action and romance into one unforgettable cinematic experience.

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What Makes Amandla Stand Apart as a Movie?

The film is shot and edited exceptionally well. I like the way they used raw scenes when the protagonists had flashbacks. This made it easier for the viewers to follow what was going on even though he had flashbacks of certain events that happened at a specific time.

They also used flashbacks effectively to make viewers understand what happened when the brothers were younger and how it shaped their characters into becoming a gangster and cop later on in life.

Amandla (2022) Review: Unleashes the True Meaning of Power

The chemistry between them is palpable, and their emotional intricacy will strike a chord with anyone who ever had siblings. The movie’s powerful message will make you think about your brotherhood or sisterhood as well as that of others around you.

The Plot of Amandla Was a Total Page-Turner

I felt like every character had a distinct personality, which you don’t see a lot in films these days. The film’s pacing was good, and the plot kept me engaged in the characters. The music complimented the film. It helped set the tone in certain scenes.

It was interesting to see how crime and corruption affect different communities worldwide. Amandla weaves its spell quite successfully in the first half as it reveals how two brothers, through circumstances beyond their control, are forced to make choices that will determine their destinies forever.


The film beautifully depicts how seemingly good decisions made in haste can lead to disastrous consequences. Amandla paints a powerful portrait of two men on opposite sides of their country’s racial divide, yet united by an unbreakable bond.

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Amandla Is Exploratory and Intriguing With Every Scene

Torn between their love for each other and loyalty to their families, both brothers are forced to make choices that will change their lives forever. Amandla conveys a message about how one’s environment does not determine your destiny; instead, it is your choices that determine your fate.

Amandla is a well-researched film with hardly any factual inaccuracies. Although this may be because it was made when many South Africans still had vivid memories in our history, it is commendable that the director did not take any liberties with his depiction of some of the more unsavoury aspects.


This movie is full of intrigue and suspense with some pretty graphic scenes. Amandla explores themes of power and corruption. It’s an engaging thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. But it also offers a look into South African society and culture beyond what you see in many Hollywood movies (which are often generic depictions of Africa as some exotic land filled with jungle animals).

Towards the end of the movie, there’s a powerful scene between two of the main characters that struck me.

Stream It or Skip It?

Amandla is a powerful story about the strength of family, loyalty and above all about love. The movie leaves one with a sense of hope for the future, which is rare in today’s cinema. It is also not without its comedic moments, as well as its gruesome ones.

The storyteller in me, who was not looking for any political messages in this film, found the parallels with our current state of affairs fascinating. I am sure others will too!

Amandla is streaming on Netflix.

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Amandla is a well-made and well-acted movie that is extremely entertaining and thought-provoking.


    • Totally agree with EL.
      The story line sucks. Post Mandela who still refers to some people as Missus.
      In Soweto such gangsters ( that run the township as cowboys) do not exist. Gangsters with swag. Yes organised gangs still exist, but not in the way depicted in the movie.

      Shame, I am sorry this is wasted resources.

  1. This movie is such a waste of your time and energy. Shame on anyone who finds this movie enjoyable because we are sick of movie ideas repeating themselves, it’s always crime and apartheid. I mean we are living in the golden ages nobody has to highlight South Africa’s bad traits like crime and rape. Come up with new ideas please! Stupid Director!

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Amandla is a well-made and well-acted movie that is extremely entertaining and thought-provoking.Amandla (2022) Review: Unleashes the True Meaning of Power