Along For the Ride Review: Emma Pasarow, Kate Bosworth Movie Stays Average

Along For the Ride is a drama-romance movie directed by Sofia Alvarez and stars Emma Pasarow, Belmont Cameli, and Kate Bosworth, alongside other cast members. The movie has a runtime of 107 minutes.

Netflix describes the movie as:

The summer before college, studious Auden meets mysterious Eli, and — on nightly quests — he helps her experience the carefree teen life she was missing.

– Along For the Ride review does not contain spoilers –

Along For the Ride is your typical teen coming-of-age movie narrated by a very awkward Auden who wants her life to be different now that school’s over and it’s summer. Both her parents are pieces of work who are extremely annoying and don’t give her the importance that she clearly needs. The only winner is the stepmother, who is just all kinds of sweet.

Weirdly, Audrey reminds me of Bella Swan from Twilight but with less teen angst and a lot fewer vampires.

Along For the Rid

There’s a weird vibe to the movie; maybe because our protagonist herself is so low energy and brings down the energy of the entire movie or maybe because we’ve seen these tropes a bit too many times. It’s not just that she’s awkward – it’s just that she feels lethargic and unwilling to do anything, even smile. When she meets Eli, things don’t look up then either. Thus, weirdly, their low energy almost seems perfect because they both are just very… mellow.

As they start to get to know each other and she gets to live out her dreams, the movie just gets more awkward. And it’s not just Auden, it’s Maggie and her entire entourage as well. They are all nice people and no one is an a-hole, but they are all just so awkward around each other that you feel bad about them acting together. Moreover, it also doesn’t help that there’s an endless barrage of pop songs to string these awkward scenes together.

It’s just… it’s not the worst movie but it’s just so incredibly slow sometimes. The scenes are stuff that we’ve all seen in multiple movies. It’s the same thing – one of the characters with a tragic past, another coming to terms with their own selves and individuality. It’s the works. The pace picks up a tiny bit in the later parts of the movie, but it’s just so slightly. Either way, it’s an interesting change of pace.

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Along For the Rid

I, however, really think that Auden’s relationship with her parents was quite interesting. How both of her parents are so deeply selfish and how she tackles the rejection that she gets from both of them has a hand in the way she acts around people. As she reduces her expectations from them both and grows a bond with her stepmother and her friends. It’s nice to watch, except for her mother’s condescending attitude.

Along For the Ride has quite a few well-known names in its roster including Andie MacDowell, Dermot Mulroney and Kate Bosworth. For some reason, Bosworth is the extremely high-strung Heidi and although she’s the nicest of the adults here, it’s just so weird to watch her squeal like this. Either way, I liked watching the adults more than Auden’s life. At least their lives are complicated and their feelings have intensity and depth. Although they get a shockingly less amount of runtime to their name, these moments are still the most interesting of them all.

Emma Pasarow and Belmont Cameli are fine as well and compliment each other well. Pasarow is a bit stiff sometimes and looks uncomfortable most of the runtime, but I guess it goes well with her awkward character.

Summing up: Along For the Ride

Along For the Rid

Along For the Ride runs in a similar vein where the characters are similar and their conflicts are as well. With characters and situations so similar to each other, the only thing that feels different is the actors and the pop songs. Conflict resolutions, too, feel very easy and there are hardly any stakes for you to be invested in. You know how this one’s going to end either way. So, if you’re in the mood for something without any strings attached to itself, then Along For the Ride will be an easy and decent watch. However, it’s nothing different from the 20 or something other teen romance movies that Netflix has pushed out in the past year or two.

Along For the Ride is streaming on Netflix.

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Along For the Ride is another generic entry to the teen romance genre of Netflix movies that stays strictly average.

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Along For the Ride is another generic entry to the teen romance genre of Netflix movies that stays strictly average.Along For the Ride Review: Emma Pasarow, Kate Bosworth Movie Stays Average