Again My Life Episode 2: Lee Joon-gi Goes Back in Time, A Thrill Begins

Lee Joon-gi has made a comeback to Kdrama with Again My Life (어게인 마이 라이프). Lee Joon-gi plays the role of a dashing prosecutor who is ambitious about destroying the corrupt system in society. However, life isn’t that easy and there are some people who are more powerful than the law. Lee Joon-gi as the prosecutor Kim Hee-woo realizes this too late.

This article contains major spoilers for Again My Life

Despite his senior’s warning, Kim Hee-woo tried to trap the assemblyman Cho Tae-seub. Hee-woo underestimated the power of the assemblyman and fell into his own trap. Cho Tae-seub’s hitman attacked Hee-woo and he ended up losing his life. The fierce prosecutor Hee-woo was too naive to think of himself to be more powerful than Cho Tae-seub.

However, a mysterious woman, dressed in red appeared and while Hee-woo joked about his death to her, she offered him to give his life back. Hee-woo had been a subject to injustice many times while growing up. The woman showed him a rundown of his life and made him remember everything that he had been through. She agrees to give him a second chance at life only if he can promise to bring down Cho Tae-seub.

again my life, lee joon gi
Lee Joon-gi as Prosecutor Kim Hee-woo in Again My Life

Hee-woo promises the woman and she sends him back to life. The woman seems to have some relation with Tae-seub and before sending him back, she tells Hee-woo that he will meet her soon in his new life. We expected Lee Joon-gi to wake up as the prosecutor Kim Hee-woo but Hee-woo himself is surprised when he comes back to life as just a high school graduate. He has become younger but he hasn’t forgotten his past life.

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Hee-woo has gotten an opportunity to live a different life than before. His previous life was not very admirable. He was bullied in school and he didn’t have a good relationship with his parents. He used to think that his parents didn’t give him enough time but only after they died in an accident, he had realized their importance. When he came back to life, his first action was to go and check if his parents were alive.

To his relief, his parents are still alive and he makes sure to save them from the accident in this life. Hee-woo had never known who had killed his parents but he finds it out in this lifetime. He is able to save his parents from the accident but the car driver dies and he is none other than Cho Tae-seub’s son. He realizes that there is an alternate event to everything that he changes in this life.

again my life, lee joon-gi, kim hee-woo
Lee Joon-gi as Young Kim Hee-woo in Again My Life

Hee-woo thinks life is going to be easy since he already knows everything that is going to happen but that is not the case. He gets into the Hankuk Law School on the first attempt and makes a commendable first impression on everyone, as opposed to his timid disposition in his previous life. He remembers most of the people from his life but there are some people that he has never seen.

At the induction ceremony, he meets Lee Min-soo who seems to know Hee-woo already. He sticks close to him from the very first day for no clear reason. He acts like an erratic person but deep down, a mystery is hidden behind his face. They meet Kim Hee-Ah, a student at Hankuk University as well and the three of them become friends as if they have known each other for a long time. However, Hee-woo does not remember meeting them in his previous life.

Again My Life Episode 2 Ending: The Hitman Shows Up

Hee-woo is born again to change the life he had previously lived. As he changes the path of destiny, unexpected things are bound to happen. He met Min-soo and Hee-ah who weren’t present in his previous life. We don’t know what change caused them to appear but neither does Hee-woo. When the three of them were drinking in a restaurant, Hee-woo noticed a strange man, whose face was covered with a cap, staring at him.

again my lie, hitman
The Hitman from Again My Life

He senses that something is not right but cannot understand what that is. While going back home, he again senses someone following him. When he makes the courage to stop and look back, he shivers with dread. The hitman who had killed him has been walking behind him. In the upcoming episode of Again My Life, we can expect to see the mystery behind the hitman unfold. Why would the hitman follow Hee-woo in this life? Is the hitman from the previous or from this life? What do you guys think?

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Again My Life is streaming on Viki.

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