After Life Season 3 Review: Ricky Gervais’ Comedy Leaves Us With an Emotional Goodbye Note

Netflix’s After Life Season 3 is a hard, fitting farewell letter to Ricky Gervais’ extraordinary comedy on life, love and loss. The acclaimed comedian is the creator, writer, producer and director of this brilliant show and, also stars as the protagonist Tony Johnson. The main cast also includes Tom Basden, Tony Way, Diane Morgan, David Earl, Kerry Godliman, Ashley Jensen, Penelope Wilton, Joe Wilkinson, Ethan Lawrence, David Bradley, Tim Plester, Jo Hartley, Michelle Greenidge and Kath Hughes. The final season has six episodes all-around half an hour long.

– Netflix’s After Life Season 3 review does not contain spoilers –

After Life Season 3: Every Ending Has Got a New Beginning

After Life Season 2 ends quite on the edge of a cliffhanger with Emma knocking at a suicidal Tony’s door. This season takes us forward to what happens next. After losing Lisa in season one and, his father in season two, it kind of looks impossible for Tony to look at the light burning at the end of the tunnel. However, season three tries with its main cast to bring as much humanity and hope as possible in our favourite Ricky Gervais character.

We see Tony continuing his life with the same chord of being rude to people who deserve it and, being kind to the ones who should not see the ugliness in society. His friendship with Emma looks strained with the constant cloud of a pending relationship expectation, but, of course, Tony is still in love with Lisa and misses her. The season one chemistry is gone, and we want both the mains to sort a better find or move on with their life without the expectation of something romantic from one another.

Diane Morgan’s Kath gets a lot of focus this season and, one can say that she is just our next Tony, minus that untamed mouth. We see Kath confront her loneliness and put herself out there to find a companion. Tom Basden’s Matt gets a few laughs and, moments to shine. Meanwhile, it is Postman Pat, James and Brian, who seem to be unable to get out of their ‘loser life.’ June and Lenny stand strong in this season and, some of June’s dialogues are either an absolute charmer or hilariously ridiculous.

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After Life Season 3 also makes an addition to its cast replacing Mandeep Dhillion’s Sandy with Kath Hughes’ Coleen as the new intern at the Tambury Gazette. Coleen is the absolute opposite of our dewy-eyed, hopeful Sandy but, we see her dry humour hit more of Tony’s pallette, so- the more, the merrier. We also miss Roisin Conaty’s Roxy in this season and she only comes up in conversation and, it was sad to not see her and Tony’s rapport. Yet, it was Penelope Wilton’s Anne who was, like always, the light, guiding Tony.

After Life Season 3 like its previous seasons pops up all the themes- questions on life and its meaning, kindness, the essence of living, the probability of afterlife, some unexpected friendships and, some roads we did not think one would take. And, that is what makes it a comfortable watch for all the fans.

There is no denying that nothing beats the fresh breath of air the first season bought and, the dicey nature of life posed by the second season. Nonetheless, it is the third season that seems to tie up everything we have known and learned in the process. Episode six, especially, is a beautiful ode to tying all loose ends on a hopeful note and saying adieu to the audience who have learned more about living life and having a strong heart through this show.

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The actors are, like always, iconic, brilliant and true to their character. It is remarkable how none of our characters changes but, there is still this hint of evolution that makes them better than what they used to be. The same goes for the script too, which sticks to its old tone but, takes a few turns to make it more suitable for putting down the final dot.

After Life Season 3: Final Verdict

Overall, After Life Season 3 is surely a good and sentimental end to the show that has been like a glimmer of hope as well as despair in our life. With reality checks, literature quoting and extremely memorable characters, stream this season till the end for a good smile and some much-needed tears.

You can watch all the episodes of After Life Season 3 now on Netflix.

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After Life Season 3 serves a fitting end to Ricky Gervais' Masterpiece.

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After Life Season 3 Review: Ricky Gervais' Comedy Leaves Us With an Emotional Goodbye NoteAfter Life Season 3 serves a fitting end to Ricky Gervais' Masterpiece.