Adam By Eve Review: A Delightful Musical Journey

From celebrated musician Eve comes Adam By Eve, a delightfully unique experience that combines live-action, anime and music in a manner rarely seen before. Let’s see what the short film was all about in this review!

Adam By Eve Overview

Adam By Eve is an anime, live-action and music project by artist Eve, known for his stellar music career that has included him providing the openings for various popular anime such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Dororo, and The Promised Neverland Season 2. The project is handled by Netflix’s frequent collaborator and producer of Belle and Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash, Studio Khara. The project was released on Netflix worldwide on March 15th, 2021. Nobutaka Yoda directs the project.

Adam By Eve Review- A Confusing But Appreciated Effort

Aki and Taki Adam By Eve

Films based on musical albums aren’t new or unique in any way, as plenty of artists have worked on visual projects that accompany their music. Their lineage goes back to Pink Floyd’s The Wall in the late 70s and early 80s and continues with albums like Beyonce’s self-titled visual album from 2013. The latest artist to throw their hat onto the mix with these giants is Eve, a J-pop and rock prodigy who has seen tremendous success in the scene with his single Kaikai Kitan, featured as the opening for the first half of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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Adam By Eve tells the tale of Aki and Taki, two friends who don’t fit anywhere else in the world but with each other. As the title suggests, the story also contains references to the Bible, alongside Adam and Eve. The short film mostly serves as a platform to display Eve’s latest album, Kaizen. Your enjoyment of this project will depend highly on your enjoyment of Eve as an artist, or if you’re unfamiliar with him, your general outlook towards J-pop and J-rock.

Anime Adam By Eve
Netflix Adam By Eve

The project blends together elements of live-action and anime well, with the effects coming along delightfully in most of the songs. The various characters, such as the one-eyed monster and the representation of Adam and Eve, are great, and the short film is extremely interesting visually. There is underground grunge feel to the music videos despite them generally being a different combination of pop and rock each time around. The anime section towards the end is a genuine highlight of the film, and one could easily watch an entire movie based on just that concept.

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It’s not all sunshine and roses, though. There are a lot of songs in this 58-minute short film, but only some of them fit the overall tone and narrative of Adam By Eve. The narrative is pretty simple, and some parts don’t gel too well with the others despite there not being many parts to it. The mix between storytelling and songs feels off at times, especially because 70-80% of this entire project is music videos that are only tangentially related to the story it tries to tell. However, the songs manage to capture the feel and tone of the short film very well.

The music in Adam by Eve, including the songs and score, is very good. J-pop differs heavily from the current western pop, as the current western music scene is more influenced by hip-hop and trap than anything else. At the same time, most J-pop puts heavy emphasis on the instruments and is more influenced by rock than hip-hop. Eve is popular for a reason, and most of his tracks have fantastic production and are very catchy. While I can’t talk much about the lyrics due to not being a native speaker of Japanese, everything else about it is great.

Adam by Eve visually and sonically is extremely interesting, and a lot of it is very interpretative. While the Adam and Eve connection is a little out there and far-fetched, the rest of the story, about loss and friendship, works very well. The movie repeats a lot of shots and could have been quite a bit shorter than it ended up being. There are some pacing issues apart from that, and some songs are just there for the sake of being there and don’t make a splash in the film’s overall narrative. On the whole, Adam by Eve is a success and deserves a singular watch.


Adam By Eve is an interesting project that does some great things visually and features some fantastic songs by an emerging artist who has seemingly unlimited potential. It isn’t perfect, but it is good for what it is.

Adam by Eve is streaming on Netflix.

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Adam By Eve is an interesting project that does some great things visually and features some fantastic songs by an emerging artist who has seemingly unlimited potential. It isn't perfect, but it is good for what it is.


    • I get that, but given the limited amount of time that they were given, I couldn’t possibly rate them higher. However, I did like what I saw, and would love to watch a full series based on the two friends in the future!

  1. That’s weird. In my opinion, the characters are really good. In order to learn about them more, you actually gotta pay a lot of attention to the hidden details in the songs…

    • I totally get that, but I am not a native Japanese speaker, and you will agree that a lot of context and subtext is lost within translations and subtitles. So I rated it on the basis of what I could understand.

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Adam By Eve is an interesting project that does some great things visually and features some fantastic songs by an emerging artist who has seemingly unlimited potential. It isn't perfect, but it is good for what it is.Adam By Eve Review: A Delightful Musical Journey