A Perfect Pairing Review: Same Old With Victoria Justice, Adam Demos

A Perfect Pairing is a romantic-comedy movie directed by Stuart McDonald and stars Victoria Justice, Adam Demos, and Luca Sardelis, alongside other cast members. The movie has a runtime of 102 minutes.

Netflix describes the movie as:

To win over a major client, a go-getter LA wine exec signs on to work at an Australian sheep farm, where she sparks with a rugged and mysterious local.

– A Perfect Pairing review does not contain spoilers –

A Perfect Pairing delivers what you expect it to – an hour and a half of guilt-free entertainment on a quiet night. True to its name, the movie doesn’t do literally anything new or even tries to bring forth anything remotely interesting but maybe it’s that very quality that makes it watchable – it serves as a welcome respite from Netflix’s other very serious shows.

A Perfect Pairing

The movie, following a very career-driven Lola, does what Netflix’s other romantic comedies do – make the protagonist do some odd jobs with someone else who doesn’t think that said protagonist can do it but in the course of them gaining proficiency, the pair fall in love and eventually live happily ever after. A Perfect Pairing does just that but without the annoying bits of the formula we see almost every week, the movie makes for a great one-time watch.

As I mentioned previously, there’s nothing new that the movie offers. You have seen all of this previously. So, the question remains – why should you watch this instead of some other tried and tested rom-com? There is no good answer. It’s not like you’ll miss out on something if you don’t watch The Perfect Pairing. However, if you’re interested in spicing up the actors in these movies running on the same veins, then I guess that would make a ton of sense.

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A Perfect Pairing

The chemistry between the lead pair is also quite nice and Justice and Demos try their best to put their best foot forward. What the script lacks in terms of originality, the movie makes up for it somewhat with the leads and their performances. There’s an expected character arc and, curiously, some effective comedic scenes that make watching this quite interesting. Although I didn’t roll on the floor laughing, I was definitely amused.

There are also some great scenes of the landscapes and some fun montages to keep the pace going. Rom-coms wouldn’t be anything without their montages and I am a sucker for a good one. It’s a nice watch, albeit predictable and stale, and makes for an easy night-in if you’re uninterested to watch the heavy content that we are so used to watching these days.

Summing up: A Perfect Pairing

A Perfect Pairing

A Perfect Pairing is your usual run-of-the-mill boy-meets-girl rom-com that is neither here nor there. It’s not the best out there, but if you’re in the mood to watch something easygoing without paying much attention yet being mildly amused, this one’s definitely right there on that list.

A Perfect Pairing is streaming on Netflix.

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A Perfect Pairing is a reshash of everything we have seen in rom-coms but is charming anyway.

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A Perfect Pairing Review: Same Old With Victoria Justice, Adam DemosA Perfect Pairing is a reshash of everything we have seen in rom-coms but is charming anyway.