A Perfect Enemy Review: Perfectly Intense

A Perfect Enemy is a thriller film directed by Kike Maíllo and starring Tomasz Kot, Athena Strates, and Marta Nieto, alongside other cast members. The film is based on Amélie Nothomb’s novel Cosmétique de l’ennemi.

Within the first 6 minutes of A Perfect Enemy, we get a rundown on who Jeremiasz Angust is, what his relationship status is, where he is in his life regarding said relationship status and we also get a good indication that he might just be stupid. Don’t get me wrong, helping people is great, but who lets an unknown person, who is soaking wet in the rain, into their cars while they are visiting some place?

Texel Texton is shadier because she forgets her entire suitcase containing her passport in the corner of a street… while she’s on her way to the airport. Anyway, the expected happens and he misses his flight. While sitting in the VIP lounge though, he does the unthinkable – he reads the comments in an article about him. I gotta give it to him, that’s pretty bold of him to do. Jokes aside, however, he meets Texel in the lounge and thus starts a very uncomfortable and sinister 2 hours in Angust’s life.

Okay, so A Perfect Enemy is quite an interesting cookie. When the movie starts off, you are left to wonder why Angust would take in this random stranger in his car when he’s already running so late. And, it’d be the correct observation. The movie then plays its cards well; you are drawn into this labyrinth of stories, deceptions and lies that Texel seems to be spinning.

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A Perfect Enemy
A Perfect Enemy Review: Perfectly Intense 3

After a disgusting set of stories, she begins to detail how she fell in love with a random woman in a cemetery. This one’s not only disgusting but also hella scary. Although both Angust and Texel are confusing and scary individuals who will make you question whom you trust, you will probably dislike one more than the other. That is, however, until the very last minute of the film. A Perfect Enemy gives a much more confusing end to the story than some might like.

That being said, A Perfect Enemy can feel a tiny bit tedious sometimes and you might be able to figure the twist out from pretty early on if you’ve seen enough thrillers. The last half can feel a bit confusing if you’re not paying attention enough. They also use a miniature of the airport where the tiny figures keep changing and blood spots appear according to what is going on in real life. I am unsure as to how that added anything to the story, so if you’re able to figure it out let me know in the comments below!

Summing up: A Perfect Enemy

A Perfect Enemy
A Perfect Enemy Review: Perfectly Intense 4

I quite enjoyed A Perfect Murder. I think it’s done well and the story is cohesive and makes sense. There’s a lot of great moments and times when you wait with bated breath. I think the twist, in the end, is fun and they have created an engaging first half that introduces the characters. All in all, apart from a few odd moments, A Perfect Enemy is perfectly fun to watch.

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A Perfect Enemy is perfectly fun and provides a lot of intense moments to latch on to.

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