A Girl and A Guy (2021) Review: Sex Filled RomCom Has Its Moments

A Girl and A Guy is a rom-com movie directed by Erik Matti and starring Alexa Miro, Rob Gomez, and Pau Benitez, alongside other cast members. The movie is 130 minutes long.

Netflix describes the movie as:

Two young people take different approaches to moving on after breakups. But a global event turns modern dating upside down.

– A Girl and A Guy review does not contain spoilers –

A Girl and A Guy starts with very graphic sex scenes and then a double break-up. You know this is going to be a coming of age movie where the heartbroken counterparts are going to meet somewhere and find themselves. This is a typical romantic comedy, a movie that brings forth what lovelorn people do after a bad breakup. Raf and Fiona’s paths are a bit different, but they both bring forth the desperation and loneliness that they both individually feel.

However, what happens when they finally come face to face? Well, their “meet cute” isn’t all that cute at first, but A Girl and A Guy isn’t probably about romance and meet-cutes. It’s about letting your inhibitions go and following your dreams and having fun while you do that. The movie does a good job at making those points and it’s a fun watch that kind of inspires you to be unabashedly you.

That being said though, A Girl and A Guy is just rehashed versions of different other movies that we have seen before. There are some dubbing issues here and there, the dialogue at some points is a bit tacky (or it might be the subtitles) and the weird graphic cards on-screen look tacky for the most part. Also, if you’re not someone who is ok with gratuitous amounts of sex scenes, then skip this one – it can get a bit much after a while.

The plot, too, gets a bit repetitive, with the pair catching and letting go of people like disposable tissues. I mean, it’s fun, but it gets a bit boring after a while. It’s the same stuff repeated constantly but maybe that’s what life is, you continue to do the same thing a little differently until you get it right. However, Raf’s story arc is a bit more fun than that of Fiona, but then again, Raf just sleeps around with people.

At 130 minutes, A Girl and A Guy just takes so much time to get the protagonists to meet up. Before that, there are several extended minutes of just not a lot happening. Ok, a lot happens, but nothing new happens. There are extensive scenes of people just talking about mundane stuff, especially Fiona’s storyline. It gets boring quick and you feel like you’re watching the same 5-minute skit over and over again.

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Then COVID hits and the loneliness and desperation hits up a notch. A Girl and A Guy does well at showcasing the quietness and what people do when they have nowhere to go. A lot of growing moments in these desperate times come forth – both Raf and Fiona become more accustomed to their own selves. However, the constant barrage of just pretentious dialogue can get to you sooner rather than later. Their friendship, though, is sweet to watch.

Alexa Miro and Rob Gomez are good together, they look wonderful even if they don’t spend any time together. However, it is Gomez who steals the show – he’s vulnerable, funny, and his chemistry with those he is with is good.

Summing up: A Girl and A Guy

a girl and a guy
Still From: A Girl + A Guy. Image Credit: Netflix.

A Girl and A Guy is a mixed bag. There are several moments that are boring and too long, but then there are some profound and heartwarming moments. Also, there’s some really sizzling sex, so if you’re into that, then this is the one for you. It’s not the best coming-of-age film out there, but it’s still watchable.

A Girl + A Guy is streaming on Netflix.

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A Girl and A Guy has some profound moments but it is brought down by several unnecessary plots and lengthy runtime.

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