5 Thriller Korean Dramas On Netflix You Just Can’t Miss!

The mystery and suspense-filled thriller dramas give rise to those goosebumps with every episode. That adrenaline rush is what makes even the romance and comedy lovers welcome the suspense with open arms. While Korean dramas are usually our escape from reality, thriller drama take the dark side of reality that we know exists somewhere. So if you want to leave behind the idealistic world and face the bitter truth, then we’ve got it right here! Here is a list of 5 thriller Korean dramas on Netflix that you can watch right now!

5 Thriller Korean Dramas on Netflix

The Penthouse

One of 2021’s top thriller dramas had to be The Penthouse. Filled with suspense, revenge, crime, drama, and some really good classical music, this drama took over Netflix at one point. The storyline was outstanding with a wonderful cast that depicted the characters in the best way possible. The love, betrayal and twists and turns kept us on the edge for 3 seasons! Though the ending may not be the best, the show as a whole is worth the watch.

The Penthouse is set in around a luxury apartment Hera Palace, and the fight among the upper class. The residents of this building are filled with secrets and hidden ambitions. When a woman attempts to enter this world and fight to become the queen ruling the 100th floor, what mysteries will be unveiled? And how will this fight affect not just them, but their children as well? See how the suspense is slowly built up and how the lives of many get affected in 3 seasons.

Watch it right here.

Flower of Evil

Another drama that took our breath away has to be Flower of Evil. The series focuses on a beautiful family where one tries to escape his past while the other is bent on unveiling this very past. The thriller slowly pulls you into this world and then hits you with twists and turns to keep you on the edge. And with Lee Joon-gi, the wonderful actor who charmed us with his charisma once again, this show is definitely a must-watch!

Flower of Evil revolves around the story of detective Cha Ji-won who marries Baek Hee-sung, unaware that this seemingly docile and family-oriented man has another side to him. This loving couple with an adorable daughter soon faces unexpected situations as Hee-sung’s past comes to light. The 16 episodes drama is filled with thrilling suspense at every turn that will make you ask for more.

Watch it right here.

The Silent Sea

Gong Yoo is back with another thriller after his well-known horror-thriller film Train To Busan. This sci-fi thriller, which is based on director Choi Hang-yong’s graduation work, takes you out of this world, quite literally. With the setting of The Silent Sea being the Moon, it already depicts the start of a thriller. While the ending may have too much going on and not what we would have wanted, this show is worth being on your dramas to watch list.

The story of The Silent Sea revolves around a team of space explorers who are on a 24-hour mission on the moon to retrieve samples from an abandoned research lab there. However, the team soon faces an unexpected situation that changes their lives forever.

Watch it here.

Lawless Lawyer

Honestly, having Lee Joon-gi on this list just once is not enough. He really knows how to woo his audience with various roles and even if the genre remains the same, he still has many roles to play. The action-driven plot of Lawless Lawyer is not the only thing that fans like talking about. The combination of Lee Joon-gi and the role of a lawyer who knows how to use his fist only results in more and more charisma! But the thing that pulls you to this drama is also the amazing plot involving the other characters as well as their stories. This drama has a story that you would not want to miss.

Lawless Lawyer revolves around the story of a young boy who witnesses the murder of his mother, a human rights lawyer. Now, having grown up with a gangster uncle, he is well aware of how the world works and sets off using his wits and fists against the villains. As he sets out to exact revenge, the various situations that he comes across act as thorns on his road.

Watch Lawless Lawyer right here.

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The World Of The Married

Last but not the least, we have The World of The Married which is another thriller filled with a bucket of drama that you wouldn’t mind as the story goes on. This drama will take you on a rollercoaster of betrayal, revenge, reality and a load of other emotions. The show does end on a happy, peaceful note but beware of some episodes that would make you want to throw hands!

The World of The Married follows the story of Sun-woo who thought she had the most perfect life until she discovers that it is nothing but a web of lies, woven by none other than her husband and his friends. What comes next is a turbulent wave of betrayal, revenge, infidelity, anger and tears. So keep a pillow to punch and a box of tissues ready!

Watch it right here.

Did we miss some of your favourite thriller dramas? Let us know in the comments below!

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