5 Shows Like Friends That Every Sitcom Lover Can Binge-Watch

If you love watching Friends then you have to add these similar shows like Friends on your watchlist ASAP!

The classic sitcom Friends aired on NBC from 1994 to 2004 and glued millions to the screen. With 236 iconic episodes, Friends made us fall in love with it and became one of the most popular sitcoms ever. From relatable scenarios to funny dialogues, we laughed and cried watching Friends and it became a part of our lives.

shows like friends

Though the Central Perk shenanigans will stay with us forever and we can happily watch it on repeat for the rest of our lives, there are other TV shows like Friends that are humorous and a pleasure to watch. Let’s have a look at some similar sitcoms like Friends.

1. How I Met Your Mother

shows like friends how i met your mother

Ted Moseby recounts to his children the story of how he met their mother. His journey of finding love is made interesting and hilarious by the remarkable presence of his friends – Barney, Lily, Marshall, and Robin. How I Met Your Mother is a similar show like Friends and viewers find it highly relatable, making it a feel-good sitcom. The show started in 2005 and telecasted its final episode in 2014 but it is widely loved by users even today, just like Friends.

Stream it here.

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2. The Big Bang Theory

shows like friends the big bang theory

The Big Bang Theory is the comedy of friendships and love lives of four socially awkward friends – Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj. Leonard’s and Sheldon’s lives change when a woman, Penny, moves into an apartment across the hall and they realize how little they know about life outside their laboratory. The Big Bang Theory was filmed in front of a live audience like Friends. It’s one of the best shows like Friends with themes of love, friendship, and awkward romance.

Stream it here.

3. Schitt’s Creek

shows like friends schitt creek

Schitt’s Creek is a story of the filthy-rich Rose family who suddenly goes bankrupt and is reduced to live in a ramshackle motel in a town, Schitt’s Creek, which they had once purchased as a joke. The show is super interesting, hilarious and heart-warming as viewers watch the family adjust to life without luxuries and with each other.

Recently, Schitt’s Creek won all the seven top prizes in the comedy section at the 72nd edition of the Primetime Emmy Awards, giving us all-the-more reasons to watch this feel-good sitcom right away.

Stream it here.

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4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

shows like freinds brookyln nine-nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the brilliant but hilariously immature detective Jake Peralta and his diverse and loveable colleagues as they police NYPD’s 99th precinct. They solve crimes with tons of humour and have stolen the hearts of millions of fans. It is one of the best shows like Friends. If all the characters of Friends were detectives and the show was centred in the 99th precinct instead of Central Perk, Friends might have looked like Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The masterminds of Brooklyn Nine-Nine also created another comedy series, Parks and Recreations, which is also a similar show like Friends and one can binge-watch it easily.

Stream it here.

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5.Will & Grace

anglo 2000x1125 willandgrace

After Grace’s marriage falls apart, her best friend Will allows her to stay in his house for a temporary period but they end up being permanent roommates. Watch this amazing sitcom to find out why! With gay principle characters, Will & Grace has been one of the most successful television shows like Friends with similar themes of love, friendship, and drama.

Stream it here.

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