5 Most Popular Korean Dramas of 2021, Ranked!

Korean dramas are what keep us alive this pandemic season… or any season, to be honest. With love, mystery, and thrills and chills, these shows keep us on the edge of our seats while also giving us butterflies in our stomachs. That being said, some K-dramas do better than others and thus we have the 5 most popular Korean dramas of 2021 (as of now and which have finished their full run) right here!

#5. The King’s Affection

Starting off as a show that rarely made headlines at first, The King’s Affection picked up steam a bit late and for good reason. Starring Park Eun-bin and Rowoon, the popular Korean drama series is every bit romantic as it is thrilling. There’s just so much to get over here. The romance is swoon-worthy and the politics is delicious. You root for Yi-hwi to succeed in living her life with Ji-un as much as you want her to save the throne from her grandfather. It’s a thrilling few minutes, one that will leave you with butterflies by the end, thanks to the (spoiler!) happy ending.

Watch the romantic Korean drama here.

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#4. My Name

Undercover agents, an organised crime syndicate, police conspiracies and backstabbing pretty much sums up My Name. Starring Han So-hee and Ahn Bo‑hyun, the story is equal parts thrilling and heartbreaking, with a sudden death in the end which will definitely break your heart like you wouldn’t have thought possible. Plus, Ji-woo realising the deceit of her lifetime in the end? Heartbreaking.

Watch it here.

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#3. Dr. Brain

I am sorry, but brain syncs with the dead to access their memories and solve some mysterious circumstance and exact revenge? Yes, that sounds great, and everyone seems to think so too. Also, this is AppleTV’s first Korean series – and what a topic to cover! The acting is phenomenal and the direction the story takes will give you goosebumps.

Watch it here.

#2. Hellbound

Are we really shocked with this one? Nope. Hellbound opened to people expecting Squid Game but what we all got is a deeply uncomfortable, oftentimes confusing and all the time disturbing show that borders on madness. Ape-like creatures running around murdering people left, right and centre apparently without rhyme or reason. Where does this end? Or… does it at all?

Watch it here.

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#1. Squid Game

No, we aren’t surprised with this one either. Squid Game broke records after it came out and for good reason. Poor people who don’t have anywhere to go violently murdering each other for money? Yeah, I get why people loved watching it. Ok, maybe that’s a bit glass half empty. The series also featured some fantastic emotional moments and crazy twists and turns that no one could’ve figured out in a million years.

Watch it here.

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