5 Best Underrated Bollywood Movies that will Blow Your Mind!

There are quite a few Bollywood movies on streaming services that miss their mark. However, there are some underrated Bollywood movies you can find on these streaming giants that are true gems. With the rise of OTT platforms, we also see an overall rise in the quality of Bollywood movies. You can watch experimental anthology films like Ajeeb Daastaans, and access other underrated Bollywood movies you may have missed out on. Here are 5 of the most underrated Bollywood movies streaming now:

1. Talwar

The Arushi Talwar case in 2008 was one of the most chilling and horrific crimes of the decade. Talvar is a cinematic portrayal of this infamous case. It boasts of a star-studded cast featuring Irrfan Khan, Konkana Sen Sharma, Neeraj Kabi, and more. And yet, it failed to become a huge hit at the box office. The movie stays with you long after it ends, and leaves you questioning exactly what happened. Instead of attempting to resolve the case and placate the audience, the film poses a vital question – whose side is the legal system on? Whose side are YOU on?

Don’t miss out on one of the best underrated Bollywood movies out there, and stream it now on Netflix or Disney+ Hotstar.

2. Mumbai Meri Jaan

mumbai meri jaan / underrated bollywood movies

Based on the 2006 attacks in Mumbai, Mumbai Meri Jaan is a moving tale of 5 different lives affected by these blasts. The local trains are a lifeline of the city, and they play an important role in the daily life of all Mumbaikars. This is why the 2006 Local Train blasts impacted more than just a handful of people. It became a cautionary tale for every individual using these local trains. This movie is magical not because of the exceptional cast, mind-blowing storyline, or intimate cinematography. The true beauty of this movie is because the city of Mumbai is a character in itself. This movie is not to be missed and definitely one of the best Bollywood movies on Netflix.

Watch Mumbai Meri Jaan on Netflix.

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3. Trapped

This Rajkummar Rao starrer is probably one of the best underrated Bollywood movies out there. Every cinephile is well-aware of his immense talent. Add to that Motwane’s master story-telling tactics, and you have, in our opinion, one of the best Bollywood movies ever made.

A mall employee accidentally locks himself in a new house in an empty high-rise building with minimal food, water, and network. Can he figure out a way to communicate with the outside world and escape? Or will he succumb to his fate there itself? Trapped serves as a great metaphor for one’s internal struggles and the feeling of breaking free from within.

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4. Dhobi Ghat

Dhobhi Ghat / best underrated Bollywood movies

Mumbai has quickly become one of the best settings for underrated Bollywood movies. Dhobi Ghat is another hidden gem set in this city of dreams. The director, Kiran Rao, tells 4 individual stories that intertwine by fate in a magical tale of grief, loss, love, and of course, the hustle-bustle of the big city. While the story in itself is simple, Rao manages to make even the mundane sparkle with magic. Dhobi Ghat masterfully, though very quietly, seeps into your psyche, making you think about it even weeks later. Starring Monica Dogra, Aamir Khan, and Kritika Malhotra, this is one of the best Bollywood movies on Netflix.

Stream it on Netflix.

5. Ugly

Anurag Kashyap’s work always focuses on the fallacies of human nature. Whether it is Faizal in Gangs of Wasseypur or Dev in his modern-day Devdas remake, Kashyap knows exactly how to draw out the worst in humanity. Ugly is no different. Criminally underrated, this masterpiece is a story of a kidnapping gone awry. In his trademark subtle way, Kashyap talks about the intrinsic selfishness of humans, and that even heroism has ulterior motives.

A desperate hunt for a child leads everyone to look everywhere, except for where it’s most obvious. A chilling tale told with complete, unwavering honesty.

One of the best Bollywood movies out there, available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar

Bollywood can be a great genre to explore, despite its obvious shortcomings. In fact, some of the best Bollywood movies never made it big at the box office. OTT has made it easier for the better ones to shine through. Streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime have begun to promote Bollywood movies that are actually good instead of trying to sell tickets with big names. If you look hard enough, you’re sure to find quite a few diamonds in the rough.

Did we cover your favourite movies? Have anything else to add to the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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