5 Best A24 Movies You Need to Watch

A24 studios have quickly become one the most popular indie studios across the globe. They have produced some of the best pieces of cinema in the last five to ten years. The charm of A24 is not just the low-budget indie production vibe they have surrounding every movie, but it is the fact that the stories are so well chosen that you can’t help but be impressed. A24 movies have an eye for detail and a skill to capture the common man in his true element. These are 5 of the best A24 movies you need to have on your watchlist.

5. Lady Bird

Lady Bird is an indie coming-of-age story set in the small town of Sacramento, California. Ladybird is the story of every teenage girl wrapped into one. From first love, heartbreak, and friendships to high-school politics, and family drama, this is a refreshing take on a typical American teenager. In fact, this movie is just as relatable for every teenager out there. Starring Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet, this movie is both hilarious and tear-jerking at the same time.

Greta Gerwig, the director, does a wonderful job of portraying teenage angst in the most accurate way possible. And, of course, Ronan is as authentic as ever playing the lead. She didn’t win the Academy Award for Best Actress for nothing, right?

All in all, Lady Bird is unlike any other coming-of-age drama out there, more attuned to the bond between friends and family dynamics rather than mere boy drama. This is easily one of the best indie films to watch by A24 studios.

4. The Florida Project

Right off the bat, The Florida Project is a heartbreaking movie rooted in the mundane. The director, Sean Baker, avoids the cool preset tropes surrounding the poor and homeless, choosing instead to start with a carefree summer. It’s an apt beginning, and the frames are saturated with a spectrum of colours because our protagonist is a feisty six-year-old you learn to love. Set over a span of one summer, the film follows Moonee as she finds adventure while getting into trouble all the same.

Baker lets his plot simmer long enough for the viewer to wonder exactly what is going on and what the point of the film is. Up until this point, it seems like mindless comedy and a laid-back “American Summer”. When the latter half of the film picks up, you almost wish it didn’t. The complexity of the situation slowly registers as the subtle details you ignored all start to fall into place.

What’s heartbreaking is, Baker ruthlessly introduces concepts you don’t want to talk about under the garbs of a child’s unassuming lisp. The Florida Project is one of the most genius A24 movies that must not be missed.

Stream it here on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

3. A Ghost Story

If you don’t know what is so special about A24 movies, A Ghost Story is the one you should start with. This movie is the complete opposite of what the title might suggest it to be. A Ghost Story is an exploration of themes that may be beyond our day-to-day ponderings. This A24 studio production talks about love, loss, grief, and the pain of moving on.

A recently deceased man returns to the earthly realm to try and reach his devastated wife. However, he soon finds his decision to stick on utterly futile. We follow the ghost and his widow through several years, where at first, the wife’s grief is all-consuming, leaving the tone heavy. We see the ghost watching her, but unable to comfort her. Slowly, as the wife seems to get better, it is now the ghost whose grief we must feel. A Ghost Story is a tender tale of heartbreak, hope and solitude.

A Ghost Story is an essay on time, and it will surely leave you with an existential crisis. It is definitely one of the best A24 movies and all lovers of indie films should give it a watch.

2. Room

Directed by Lenny Abrahamson, Room is a haunting rendition of the novel of the same name by Emma Donoghue. Starring Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay, Room is a phenomenon in itself. Although most awards won by the film were attributed to Larson’s finesse, the movie’s plotline, direction, and sound made it a sure-shot contender for the Academy Award for Best Picture. Room is best enjoyed when you enjoy the subtle references sprinkled throughout this A24 Studios production.

Room is about a woman held captive for 7 years and her 5-year-old son, born during her captivity. what particularly made us fall in love with this film is the fact that it followed all three dimensions of the son’s life. The room where he has lived all his life, the escape, and the process of adjusting to a world he thought never existed.

Room is not only one of the best A24 movies, but also one of the best indie films you can find. A chilling portrayal of innocent perception and the reality of our world.

Stream it here on Netflix.

1. Moonlight

Winner of the 2017 Academy Award for Best Picture, Moonlight is almost not a part of the indie films category. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly one of the best A24 movies. Moonlight is the story of Chiron, a young African-American boy growing up in Miami. While the plot synopsis may make it seem like just another one of the coming-of-age indie films, Moonlight shines for a completely different reason. Chiron is sensitive and different in a black neighbourhood, which makes him an easy target for bullies. A drug dealer Juan takes him under his wing even as Paula, Chiron’s neglectful mother, is one of his best customers.

Moonlight talks about all your classic coming-of-age problems sure, but when we see Chiron struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, the true beauty of this A24 studio production shines through.

To stream Moonlight on Amazon Prime Video, click here.

5 Best A24 Movies You Need to Watch

A24 studio has a knack for producing some of the best indie films of this decade. Most of these A24 movies are a refreshing break from the repetitive and clichéd cinema we all are so accustomed to seeing. Some other A24 movies that break these boundaries of classic cinema include:

So, did you like our list of best A24 movies? If you’d like to add something to the list, do tell us in the comments section below!

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