3 Reasons to Watch Twenty Five Twenty One, Hate Aside

Ah, Twenty Five Twenty One. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’d know that the Korean drama series has really been making waves because of its ending. Yes, we all want a positive ending. Life sucks enough and we want the adorable Yi-jin and Hee-do together so that, you know, our life sucks a bit less and we know there’s hope in the world. However, the creators dashed those hopes and here we are, raging at that ending and raging at how unfair life is.

Which is fine. Because, hey, I for one firmly believe that the lovers shouldn’t have ended up together although I hoped they would have under different circumstances. Either way, although some might tell you otherwise, I am totally for people watching this series. So, here are 3 reasons to watch Twenty Five Twenty One:

The Friendship

The series brings forth friendship which is so beautiful that it’s insane. I haven’t come across characters in shows who are just so nice. Twenty Five Twenty One does a fantastic job at bringing forth relationships other than romance to the forefront. Although the relationship between Hee-do and Yi-jin is a major part of the storyline, it’s not the only part. This makes watching the show better because, frankly, we all need things in life other than love.

Hardly is life all about love, right? You have friends, work, school, family and a whole host of other things that make life wholesome. The Kdrama series, starring Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk as protagonists, features such wholesome and loveable characters and friendships that will make you root for something other than romance. Be it Lee Joo-myoung’s Seung-wan or Bona’s Yu-rim or even the fashion-obsessed Choi Hyun-wook’s Ji-woong – it’s a host of characters who are just… good.

Twenty Five Twenty One
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One

I, for one, loved watching Seung-wan’s maturity and love for her friends. She gets the least bit of screentime but she feels like the most mature of them all. Personally, I feel like the friends’ relationship wouldn’t have been the same without her. And, oh! I love Ji-woong and Yu-rim’s relationship. Although they aren’t the OG couple, they sure do stay together in the end so it’s not all bad. More about that in the next point!

The Love

Yes, I know those whom we wanted didn’t end up together. And, that’s ok! Hee-do and Yi-jin showed immense maturity that we can learn from. That even though we want to stay with our “soul-mates” we sometimes can’t. Sometimes you love someone so much, you know you should leave them because they can’t give you what you want. So why let the relationship sour when you can choose to separate and protect that respect and love that you have for each other?

Don’t get me wrong, in the ideal world, I would want all lovers to stay together in perfect relationships. In the perfect world, I’d want Yi-jin to stop working somewhere where he gets so much heartache or Hee-do to be more accommodating of her boyfriend/husband not being there for months on end. But that wouldn’t have been who they are and I am glad that the series acknowledged that maturely.

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twenty five twenty one
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One

But, in the heat of hating the ending, we totally forgot that there was another couple who did make it till the end. Think about it, Yu-rim left for Russia so early into the story and for so long. Yet, she and Ji-woong made it work like a pro! They got engaged and hopefully got married and stayed till the end. I will fault the series for not showcasing what any of them are doing in the present, but I’d like to think that they did stay together forever since the series doesn’t mention anything otherwise.

We can choose to look at the brighter side here. There is hope, just not where we’d want it. And, that’s ok!

The Story

“Bad” endings aside, Twenty Five Twenty One was perfect. There wasn’t one episode in the series where I didn’t come out at the end smiling from ear to ear. The direction that the story took, the way the relationships grew and the pace with which all the characters matured must be given their due praise. We didn’t expect the ending, true. Not every show is Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha or Our Beloved Summer. But it’s a show that will give you hope, happiness and several happy tears.

There are moments where you can learn, which will tell you to hold on when you’re about to give up as well as moments that tell you that it’s ok to give up. That you must understand which situation is which – that you will, too, get through this. And that’s a huge thing. Giving people hope, and, if nothing else, making people happy for 8 weeks isn’t an easy feat. But Twenty Five Twenty One did that with ease!

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Still From Twenty Five Twenty One
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One

It’s emotional, it’s real and it’s raw. The series has its emotional moments written down like a poem. Discounting it as horrible just because it didn’t give us the ending we wanted would be unfair, especially since it’s so mature at showcasing the various trials and tribulations of teenage and adulthood.

Again, I understand why the ending would upset you. But, there’s a reason everything happens and you might not agree with them. That’s fine. But there’s hope and positivity if you are willing to look for it.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is streaming on Netflix.

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