3 Best Moments From My Liberation Notes Episode 10: From Gu’s Real Identity To His Date With Mi-jeong

My Liberation Notes is a slice of life drama that shows the lives of people in their mid-thirties and how they go about their life. My Liberation Notes Episode 10 has shifted to a lighter and hopeful storyline coming from a darker and depressing storyline in the initial episode. Viewers have loved the realistic portrayal of working adults in the show.

The latest episode of My Liberation Notes took us through the vulnerable moments of all four main characters and how they overcome them. Read below to find out the best moments from My Liberation Notes Episode 10.

3 Best Moments From My Liberation Notes Episode 10

Gu Threatens President Baek In Seoul And Shows The Power He Holds

My Liberation Notes Episode 10
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 10

Gu has a tragic past and when he tells Mi-jeong about it, he thinks Mi-jeong will not like him more. That’s why before she pushes him away, he starts pushing Mi-jeong away from him by calling himself bad in front of her. However, Mi-jeong speaks sense to him and tells him to stop acting like an idiot.

Mi-jeong tells him that she wouldn’t care if he was an alien or a bad criminal, she will still like him. She worships him in this way. After reading those words, Gu goes to Seoul to a big club where everyone bowed to him. He wore oversized mediocre clothes and drove in a truck but his personality shone more than his look. He is completely a different person who speaks fast, has an attitude and threatens president Baek to not stalk him in Sanpo. This scene pretty much shows Gu’s past and how powerful person he was and still is.

Chang-hee Gets To Drive Gu’s Rolls Royce

My Liberation Notes Episode 10
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 10

Chang-hee had found a Roll Royce car key in Gu’s toilet and also a shiny expensive wristwatch in his living room. Ever since that day, Chang-hee had been waiting for Mi-jeong and Gu’s fight to get over so that he can ask Gu about it. Chang-hee had been dreaming every day about it and was clinging to Gu until then.

Finally, the day comes and Chang-hee sees Mi-jeong and Gu coming home together. He asks Gu about the car and Gu goes back to Seoul after just coming back, just for Chang-hee. Chang-hee feels like every moment is a dream and still doesn’t believe that Gu has a Roll Royce. However, when he actually sees one, he kneels and pats the car and proceeds to hug Gu. In a hilarious scene, he jumps on him and even says ‘I love you’ to him. Chang-hee’s greatest desire to have a car was completed by Gu and he lets him take the car to Sanpo.

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Gu Takes Mi-jeong On A Surprise Date

My Liberation Notes Episode 10
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 10

After dealing with president Baek, Gu surprises Mi-jeong by going to her office to pick her up. He even asks if her annoying and rude boss was still in the office as if he wanted to teach him a lesson. Mi-jeong is happy that he picked her up but Gu goes further and takes Mi-jeong to eat dumplings with him.

At the restaurant, both do not speak a single word but the atmosphere, actions and expressions say everything. Gu brings a side dish and soda for Mi-jeong and even lets her have the final dumpling. His expressions while he sees her eat the last dumpling or when he surprises her at her office are like a love confession without words. Without any grand gestures, even little things mean a lot when two people truly love each other’s company; that’s what Mi-jeong and Gu portrayed in this gently beautiful scene.

My Liberation Notes (나의 해방일지) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Suk-yoon and stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Suk-ku and Lee El, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Netflix describes the series as THREE SIBLINGS, EXHAUSTED BY THE MONOTONY OF DAY-TO-DAY ADULTHOOD, SEEK TO FIND FULFILLMENT AND FREEDOM FROM THEIR UNREMARKABLE LIVES.

My Liberation Notes Episode 10 is available to watch on Netflix.

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  1. I really love episode 10 too. The stars are outstanding and the story is magnanimous. The excitement of love going on with Gu and Mi Geong is heartwarming ang raging to me

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