2021 Thriller Kdramas That Kept Us at the Edge of Our Seats!

Tired of watching the same thrillers on Netflix over and over again? Worry not! If thriller Kdramas are what you crave, then here is a list of 2021 thriller Kdramas that will keep you at the edge of your seat with their amazing storytelling and characters. These are shows that are not Netflix originals but will thrill you with their twists and turns, some more than the rest.

Beyond Evil

(Korean: 괴물)

Characters that are deep and likeable and a storyline that twists and turns in ways that will bring forth the worst in humanity – Beyond Evil, starring Yeo Jin‑goo and Shin Ha‑kyun, is a story worth the hype. Focusing on a series of murders that took place years ago and another surprise one in the present, Beyond Evil is thrilling through and through. Add to that the wonderful chemistry between the two male leads – this one will provide the right amount of emotion and thrill to keep everything fresh till the end.

Number of episodes: 16

Beyond Evil is available on Netflix.


(Korean: 마우스)

Mouse’s background is interesting as it is creepy. Based on 2017’s Incheon Elementary School Murder Case, the series explores the ramifications of a psychopath who is able to feel empathy. The thrill of Jung Ba-reum and Go Moo-chi trying to find who the real killer is, the tension of what happens when they do find him and how that leaves an everlasting impression on the two police officers is something that makes this 2021 thriller Kdrama one of the most interesting and thrilling.

Number of episodes: 20 + 3 (special episodes) + 2 (spin-off)

Taxi Driver

(Korean: 모범택시)

Kim Do-gi is recruited by a taxi service that provides a unique service to clients – Rainbow Taxi, as the company is called, helps victims to avenge the deaths of loved ones which the law didn’t provide. The show, starring Lee Je‑hoon, tries to understand what justice truly means and with Do-gi, you too are left to determine what constitutes morality and immorality and whether justice is ever really served. This 2021 thriller Kdrama is truly a ride of a lifetime.

Number of episodes: 16

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(Korean: 언더커버)

Undercover, starring Ji Jin‑hee, is a rollercoaster of emotions and twists and turns. Focusing on NIS secret agent Han Jeong-hyeon, his secret identity and his relationship with lawyer Choi Yeon-soo, the series is a tight story of secrets, deception and lies that comes at the cost of Jeong-hyeon’s life and identity.

Number of episodes: 16

The Veil

(Korean: 검은 태양)

Another story in the NIS and about lies and deceit, The Veil is about Han Ji-hyuk, played by Namkoong Min, Ji-hyuk’s fight to find his life and memories is rife with chills and thrills in a fight to get a hold of someone who almost destroyed his life. This 2021 thriller Kdrama is one hell of a ride.

Number of episodes: 12

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