2021 Netflix Thriller Kdramas That We Loved!

Netflix has come out with some great thrillers and the 2021 Netflix thriller Kdramas are no different. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list and more can be added (or subtracted?) from it. However, these are the ones that have left really made an impression on me and I enjoyed watching them the most. So, if you haven’t seen the following shows, then it’s time to catch up on these Netflix thriller Kdramas.


(Korean: 빈센조)

Ok, this is 2021 Netflix thriller Kdrama more of a drama than a thriller. However, Vincenzo is that perfect mix of thrill and cutesy moments. The protagonist, Vincenzo Cassano, is suave, magical but equally scary when it comes down to it. From getting his building back to falling for Cha-young, it’s a tale that will keep your heart racing, for many reasons.

Number of episodes: 20

Squid Game

(Korean: 오징어 게임)

Thriller or horror? Honestly, both. Squid Game is a horrifying tale, I agree, but it’s mostly a thriller. And horror because watching people get brutally murdered is… horrifying for sure. The series, one of the most-watched thriller Kdramas 2021, which reached quite the heights of craze, is truly a thrilling ride. And I am not even going to get into the parallels it creates with capitalism at this time in reality. Some episodes will make you weep, but it will mostly keep you at the edge of your seat. You will definitely wonder what the hell you just watched long after it’s over.

Number of episodes: 9


(Korean:  지옥)

Another thriller-horror mishmash – Hellbound is horrifying but for different reasons. Imagine waking up one day to find that ape-like creatures are going to smash you to death – very publicly. And honestly, you can be marked for death because of everything or nothing, there are no rules that are there. Running won’t help, neither will suicide. You can’t escape. Plus, a cult is taking over the world so, you know, it’s a bad situation through and through. This 2021 Netflix thriller Kdrama is too horrible to be true!

Number of episodes: 6

My Name

(Korean: 마이 네임)

Revenge-thriller My Name, starring the talented Han So-hee, is a beautiful and thrilling experience. Beautiful because it looks so absolutely lovely. The cinematography is exquisite and the colours just look absolutely rich and beautiful. When it comes to the story, watching a woman taking revenge for her father’s murder is always great. But the way the story flows is wonderful and each moment of this thriller Kdrama is a compelling watch.

Number of episodes: 8

Sisyphus: The Myth

(Korean: 시지프스: the myth)

Sci-fi thriller Sisyphus is a great mix of action, humour and drama. The concept is great and coupled with the cinematography and some stellar acting, the series does a great job at keeping you at the edge of your seat.

Number of episodes: 16

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