Zee5’s The Wife Review: No Horrors

The Wife is a suspense/horror movie written and directed by Sarmad Khan and starring Gurmeet Choudhary and Sayani Dutta.

The Wife is another bland and disappointing addition to the horror genre that I wish didn’t exist. For starters, it’s an amalgamation of horror movies that we have seen over the years, mainly including In the Tall Grass, Paranormal Activity and The Conjuring. It’s so predictable that it’s boring and there’s not a moment that you feel horrified or confused because it’s all just routine stuff.

The Wife starts off with Varun and Arya who move into a new house to start their life fresh. However, their newfound bliss is short-lived since odd things start happening from the moment they move in, culminating in a dangerous game with a malevolent spirit.

Honestly, this plot sounds more interesting than the movie actually is. It’s another movie where there are long instances of something going on but never really coming to fruition. We zoom in Arya’s face from a mile away only for the scene to cut to black. There are plenty of jumpscares for no good reason, mugs disappear or slide across the table to shatter. There is, however, a particularly interesting part involving a baby and a washing machine and I’ll leave it to you to figure out how that might end up.

The spirit constantly gives the tenants and us hints that it’s in the house, but it never does anything shocking enough to keep us invested. Honestly, The Wife is a bore-fest that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Scenes are included just for the heck of it and add nothing new or innovative to the storyline. It’s tedious and boring to watch and you’ll also be able to figure out the big reveal from a mile away.

The Wife

Now, coming to the end reveal, Varun tells Arya, and us, a story about his childhood and how he knows the ghost. It’s a story that we have somewhere down the line heard numerous times. There’s also a twist regarding this story somewhere at the end which is, also, not surprising. The CGI is horrifying at best and does nothing to keep you invested. This is a story that is expected to take place inside an old house or dilapidated mansion but thank god that’s not something we have to deal with this time.

The Wife, in terms of a concept, gives so little that it becomes difficult to understand what the heck’s going on most of the time. It’s a string of different scenes cut out from other horror movies and strung together. Random things happen here and there and there’s very little to look forward to most of the time. There’s not much mystery or intrigue for us to do anything other than periodically yawn and wonder why this movie was made.

Character development is dismal in the movie as well. Although Varun gets somewhat of background because the movie is based on him, wife Arya gets nothing. At one point we see that she used to self-harm and it’s sad that we don’t get to know why. It actually feels a bit cheap because the movie tried to use that as a way for us to feel bad about her or something but we never get to know what that was about. At most, the characters feel like props set up to scream and be confused depending on what is going on around them. But beyond that, it’s quite a downer.

Summing Up: The Wife

The Wife

The Wife’s title gives a little bit away as to what to expect from it. There’s not much going on, although Gurmeet Choudhary does a good job as Varun. Sayani Datta, however, is unsatisfying as his wife, although her character, thankfully, isn’t too bad. Interestingly enough, we get to know nothing about her, she’s just someone there to fill the space and bring in the psychic. The movie isn’t a good idea for a one time watch either, so if you’re in the mood for horror, there are other movies to choose from – give this one a skip.

The Wife is streaming on Zee5.

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The Wife features scenes and moments taken from other well-established horror movies and gives us a bore-fest.
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