Zee5’s Thanda Review: Dead Cold

Thanda is a short film written and directed by Kajal Arefin Ome and starring Mishu Sabbir, Ziaul Hoque Polash, Chashi Alam, Marzuk Russell, and Nishat Priom, alongside other cast members.

Thanda review contains mild spoilers –

IMDB’s description for Thanda says:

The story involves people from different floors of a building handling different kinds of stories in every flat. Its the summer-time and everyone’s suffering from the humid heat of Dhaka. Four bachelors living in a flat under the scorching sun decides to buy an AC, little did they know it was a disaster.

The first scene of Thanda shows a woman getting abducted in her car from a shopping complex. We later get to know that she is the daughter of an influential family in Dhaka, and the news has spread like wildfire, especially since the abduction took place days ago and no one has found her yet.

Something as important as Alisha’s abduction, probably, is the sweltering heat in Dhaka that has been boiling the city alive. Everyone is sweating and it’s a mess. As someone who lives in the neighbouring country and shares a border with Bangladesh, I can attest that it’s really fricking hot.

But I digress.

In Thanda, we mostly follow a group of people from a housing community. The weather is as much a part of this conversation as the people, since it unites everyone – well, to feel hot. Our main characters are Mohon, Ziku, Sobuj and Siddique. Other members of the flat include a woman who is in a relationship with a married man and another floor that is occupied by a group of thugs who have abducted Alisha.

The story revolves around the sweltering heat of Dhaka. Without respite in sight, the four decide to buy a cheap AC. However, that, obviously, does not work in their favour.

Thanda is supposed to be a comedy thriller. However, rest assured, this 45-minute short isn’t a thriller at all. Within its short runtime, it tries to establish its principal characters and their motivations which it mostly is able to do. The weather, too, becomes an integral part of the narrative and drives all of these people’s lives deeply.

Between the abduction and the weather assault, the four flat-sharers go through many hoops and hurdles, their motivations and occupations, too, give their lives a different taste. However, Thanda feels a little disjointed and cold. There aren’t many places that turn out to be funny, most of it is rather weird.

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The four men’s occupations, for example, are a place from where laughs were supposed to come out, but honestly, it just feels unnecessary. There is a scene where Siddique, who irons clothes, finds a bra belonging to the woman in his flat. We stay on that topic for quite some time while he coyly smiles. I don’t understand what the joke’s supposed to be, though? It’s a bra; obviously, the woman is a little embarrassed, why dangle it on her face? Why is that funny?

That’s probably how I’d say Thanda is – disjointed and odd. The short captures the lives of four ordinary men but also introduces two female characters who have nothing notable to do. One of them is always tied up and gawked at and the other gives cold water and is also gawked at.

That’s also one of the problems I had with Thanda. Within such a short runtime, the film successfully managed to creep me out with the number of times a woman is inappropriately looked at or touched. Did the film try to bring our attention to women’s place in society? Maybe, but it didn’t feel like that because of the “funny” background score.

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Summing up: Thanda


Thanda Zee5, like the title, fell rather cold for me. There are moments that will make you chuckle but other than that, it feels quite messy and all over the place.

Thanda is streaming on Zee5.

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Thanda, like the title, falls rather cold. There are moments that will make you chuckle but other than that, it feels quite messy and all over the place.
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