Zee5’s Raja Raja Chora Review: Crime, Punishment, Absolution

Debutant Hasith Goli’s Raja Raja Chora on Zee5 is both written and directed by Goli. The film tells the story of a lower-middle-class man who desires to get a taste of the finer things in life that takes him on a dangerous path. This Zee5 release comes from the production house of Abhishek Agarwal Arts and People Media Factory and has a runtime of around 2 hours and 20 minutes, which might seem like a bit of a stretch but, is still enjoyable. The Telugu-language film flaunts a star cast made up of Sree Vishnu, Megha Akash, Sunaina and Ravi Babu.

– Zee5’s Raja Raja Chora review does not contain spoilers –

Raja Raja Chora: Comedy & Crime

Our protagonist Bhaskar is yet another common man who dreams to be big in life. A xerox shop worker by day and a petty thief by night, Bhaskar is not only balancing two sides in this professional life but also has two different sides to his personal one. He is seeing a supposed software engineer Sanjana for whom he too pretends to be from the software sector, always dressing up in a corporate manner to meet his girlfriend. However, what Sanjana does not know on the side is how Bhaskar is married to a law student, Vidya with whom he shares a kid but is not on good terms.

These dual relationships and multiple faces to survive in this heartless world are what essentially lies in the core of Raja Raja Chora. Bhaskar comes across SI William Reddy who lets him steal in turn gaining personal, monetary and professional benefit out of his deeds. The premise constantly revolves around this dichotomy in the everyday world.

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With a mythological undertone, the film progresses with various comical elements wrapped around it, infused with a criminal tendency. The lore from Mahashivaratri to Rama Navami that opens the film becomes the quintessential instrument in guiding the film, as Valmiki’s story of salvation and the inception of a new life is what lays the groundwork for the entire movie.

A very beautiful allegory present in the film is the use of the ‘king’ or ‘Raja’s’ attire to denote the historic robbery done by the rich people or people of power against the less fortunate. The crown symbolises power and whoever is wearing it, is the bearer of responsibility. Thus, creating a two-way path that you can either opt to do good or fail under the greed of money while wearing the king’s crown.

The cinematography seamlessly blends in with the brilliant background score. Sree Vishnu as Bhaskar is unique, hilarious and empathetic, whereas Sunaina as Vidya delivers a touching emotional performance. Ravi Babu as SI William Reddy and Megha Akash as Sanjana do justice to their characters as well.

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Raja Raja Chora: Final Verdict

Raja Raja Chora brings to screen a new twist to the tale of ‘Crime & Punishment’ finally being served with ultimate redemption. With its quirky air and poignant motive, the film successfully rings a chord of emotional awakening in all of us. It connects us to the old mythological tale that must seem fictional but, is still relevant as it braids itself, in reality, all the time.

An enjoyable watch that you shouldn’t miss, you can stream Raja Raja Chora on Zee5 now.

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Raja Raja Chora is a funny tale with an undertone of crime and mythology.

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Zee5's Raja Raja Chora Review: Crime, Punishment, AbsolutionRaja Raja Chora is a funny tale with an undertone of crime and mythology.