Zee5’s Poison 2 Review: Deceit, Greed, Relations, and Nothing New!

Poison 2 premiered on 16th October 2020 on Zee5. Starring Aftab Shivdasani, Raai Laxmi, Rahul Dev, Pawan Chopra, Gaurav Sharma, and Sakshi Pradhan alongside other cast members, the series is directed by Vishal Pandya with a screenplay by Rehan Khan. The series is 11 episodes long with each episode of about 30 minutes each.

Humans are Greedy and Dreadful

Poison 2, which is the digital debut of Aftab Shivdasani and Raai Laxmi, revolves around the lives of Sara (Raai Laxmi), Harsh (Zain Imam), and Oscar (Vin Rana) – husband, wife and brother respectively, who bet in horse races but their plans and races are blown when Aditya (Aftab Shivdasani) enters their life and wins over everything that was there. What follows is an eleven-episode-long journey filled with deceit, greed, lust, messed up relations, plastic surgery, and everything seen before with a not-so-big, big reveal!

Poison 2 could have simply been a movie keeping each and every element it had in the series. There were no sharp or engaging twists or turns that would need an 11-episode-long series which never picks up the pace and is just predictable and underwhelming with cliche daily-soal dialogues. Though the film has a few plus points like Aftab Shivdasani’s debut and a few revelations here and there, it is overall a passable affair.

  • Poison 2/ Zee5/ Review
  • Poison 2/ Zee5/ Review

The series aims at being a revenge-crime-thriller but fails at it and misses the mark terrible – the storyline is repetitive and the dialogues are far away from being innovative and new. They are the daily-soap villain and hero dialogues which you can sometimes complete on your own!

The series lacks not just in its screenplay but also in various other things but the most important – an engaging star cast and characterisation. From episode 1 to 11 there is no character you would want to root for or sympathize with. The characterization is weak and unreal in a way that doesn’t work out well. With the aim of bringing layered character personality on-screen, at certain points too much is added which results in nothing.

Chances are very strong that, like me, even you might feel alienated from the series and characters. The storyline that starts with showing women as strong but emotionally vulnerable and foolish continues to progress into the same women turning into a mastermind and literally cheating anyone around. In the world of Poison 2, friends are cheaters, better-halves are liars and deceitful, and nobody is actually who they are. It’s not engaging, unoriginal and exhausting.

Stream It or Skip It

Poison 2/ Zee5/ Review

SKIP IT! With new series premiering every now and then with fresh, out-of-box content, Poison 2 is a predictable, Hindi television series-type drama with a hero who is also the villain, a proper villain, and a storyline that goes nowhere. It’s a tiresome and boring chase. The series could have been better if it would have tried even a bit to refrain from the cliches and bring forth something never seen before but instead, it roots itself in a tried-and-tested narrative that doesn’t work well for the series.

Poison 2 is now streaming on Zee5.

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Zee5's Poison 2 is a repetitive saga of love, betrayal, passion, and rage but will it win? Stream it or Skip it? Read here!

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Zee5's Poison 2 is a repetitive saga of love, betrayal, passion, and rage but will it win? Stream it or Skip it? Read here!Zee5's Poison 2 Review: Deceit, Greed, Relations, and Nothing New!