Zee5’s Malaysia to Amnesia Review: A Predictable Comedy!

Malaysia to Amnesia premiered on 28th May 2021 on Netflix. The Tamil-language film is directed by Radha Mohan, starring Vaibhav Reddy, Vani Bhojan, Riya Suman and M. S. Bhaskar in the lead roles.

Cheater’s Amnesia

Malaysia to Amnesia is another film where the husband has an extramarital affair which is all smooth sailing and in balance with his marital life but then due to some unforeseen reasons his life takes a complete turn. Our protagonist here is sailing the same boat. Malaysia to Amnesia revolves around Arun Kumar who happens to have an extramarital affair with a girl named Priya who lives in Bangaluru.

Things take a turn when Arun decides to spend 4 days with Priya in Bangaluru and cooks up a lie regarding an international client in Malaysia that he’ll be visiting for 4 days. Suspicious of his acts already, Arun’s uncle, Mannargudi Narayanan, asks him numerous question as to why he is leaving all of a sudden. As the film continues, while Arun spends intimate time with Priya, the flight to Bengaluru mysteriously gets lost in the air leaving Aruns’ wife in despair. Desperate to get back home, Arun, alongside his best friend Prabhu, plot a plan where he suffers from amnesia after the flight accident and pretends to not know any part of his life.

Malaysia to Amnesia is a passable comedy film with nothing much to offer.

The protagonist plays a little role in the plot’s progression. Sujatha (Vani Bhojan), uncle Mannaru (M.S. Bhaskar), and Prabhu (Karunakaran) are the ones who do the majority of the discourse. In terms of his character, Vaibhav Reddy is just as confused as Radha Mohan. Vani Bhojan portrays a faithful woman who never suspects her husband in a sweet performance. And Bhaskar, who plays a curious man with an endless list of inquiries, single-handedly carries the film and makes it palatable with his enthusiastic performance.

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Malaysia to Amnesia is a 116 minutes long film that plays around the same line over and over again but even though the film is one predictable show, there are few chucklesome moments that keep you sane. The film, in its core theme, carries the idea of deceit and redemption but we don’t see more of that, we don’t see Arun’s moral conundrum with himself. Priya breaks up with him way too easily, his wife never suspects him and that’s a bit off-putting. He has a sound job, a good home, a happy life – everything is well set so you never know the reason why he cheated in the first place.

The scenario as a storyline point should have been better developed. It had the capacity to be a fun comic stretch, but the writer falls back on tropes, narrowing down the rest of the plot. MS Bhaskar, the veteran actor-comedian, does much of the heavy lifting in Malaysia to Amnesia, and he’s fantastic in it. Furthermore, the film is mostly flat as there is no rising action, no falling action, and no climax. So, it’s safe to say Malaysia to Amnesia is a mediocre comedy film and is forgettable too!

Stream It or Skip It

SKIP IT! Malaysia to Amnesia is a passable comedy film with nothing much to offer. The plotline is very similar to various other films revolving around the deceit and redemption of a man!

Malaysia to Amnesia is streaming now on Zee5.




Malaysia to Amnesia is a passable comedy film with nothing much to offer other than a few chuckles and predictability!

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