Zee5’s London Confidential Review: China the Bad Guy, Yet Again

Join RAW agents in London as they try to uncover the mole responsible for a series of brutal killings before they can find the last piece of evidence against China in its role of spreading a new pandemic.” – Zee5.

London Confidential premiered on Zee5 on 18th September 2020. Directed by Kanwal Sethi and produced by Mohit Chhabra and Ajay Rai, the 77-minutes-long film stars Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli, Kulraj Randhawa, Sagar Arya, Parvesh Rana, Jas Binag, Mohan Kapoor, Sharad Kelkar, Kiren Jogi, and Roxane Cabassut.

To its credit, London Confidential was shot in London after the lockdown for Covid-19 was announced and is, thus, set in the post-pandemic world. You get glimpses of masks being sold and hanging blurred in the background several times.

There’s Always A Dangerous Mole Who Sets You On Fire!

London Confidential
Zee5's London Confidential Review: China the Bad Guy, Yet Again 5

London Confidential revolves around RAW officer Uma Kulkarni (Mouni Roy) who is determined to find out who kidnapped and killed RAW agent Biren Ghosh (Diljohn Singh). Ghosh was a close friend to her and also held important evidence to prove China’s involvement in the spread and creation of the virus that led to the pandemic. She seeks out help from Arjun Kumar (Purab Kohli), who runs a grocery shop which is basically a cover for RAW in London. The case needs to be solved before the International Convention taking place in 7 days.

Throughout the 77 minutes of its duration, the pressure is rising, the danger is high for RAW and for Uma since she is due to be a mother soon. If the link isn’t caught and the intel at stake is not received, something dangerous for the world and India awaits like a hawk. Uma suspects that there is a mole in the Indian Intelligence team that caused the sudden blow of Biren’s perfectly-kept cover.

London Confidential
Zee5's London Confidential Review: China the Bad Guy, Yet Again 6

The film carries the idea of lab-designed viruses made with the aim of harming the world and the strained relationship between two countries and how far they can go. The premise of the movie is intriguing, the cast fits, the locations are beautiful and embellishes the storyline but at certain points, the film misses the narrative mark and feels a tad bit slow-paced but then catches the train again.

One thing that did come to my mind while watching the movie was that none of the actors was wearing masks or taking any preventive measures. This made me question whether life will go back to normal after a year or two of fighting this deadly virus. The answer, however, is not so easily found.

London Confidential
Zee5's London Confidential Review: China the Bad Guy, Yet Again 7

Talking about the cast, Mouni Roy as Uma Kulkarni brings a decent and powerful persona on screen but her pregnancy seemed to be an unnecessary addition to the story that didn’t add anything to it. However, overall, her performance is watch-worthy.
Purab Kohli as Arjun is initially confusing but eventually comes out strong. Kulraj Randhawa as Nirupama Das, the Indian Ambassador, carries with herself a strong screen presence that doesn’t go unnoticed or in vain. All the actor play their part perfectly making this movie a good one-time watch.

Stream It or Skip It

London Confidential
Zee5's London Confidential Review: China the Bad Guy, Yet Again 8

STREAM IT! London Confidential is a good one-time watch spy film that manages to keep its suspense intact until the right time. The screenplay is gripping and will keep you hooked till the very end. The film features no dull moments and the direction of the film’s premise in a foreign land is well executed and praiseworthy.

And well, who was the mole? I leave it for you to find!

London Confidential is now streaming on Zee5.

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London Confidential is a spy film streaming on Zee5. China is all set to harm the world again. Will Uma be able to find the mole in Indian Intelligence and stop it? Stream it or Skip It?

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