Zee5’s Heads and Tales Review: Confusing Tale

Heads and Tales is a drama film directed by Sai Krishna Enreddy and starring Srividya and Suneel, alongside other cast members. The movie is 83 minutes long.

Zee5 describes the movie as:

As three women deal with tough times in their romantic relationships, they learn to take control of their personal lives and stand up for themselves.

– Heads and Tales review does not contain spoilers –

Heads and Tales opens up confusingly. It’s about three women whose lives get entangled due to the men in their lives. This is a weird movie and confusing as heck to watch. The tone is all over the place – with a subject matter this important and serious, the film does a lacklustre job at bringing its point forward.

There are so many unnecessary scenes scattered throughout Heads and Tales that you have to fast forward throughout to understand where it’s going. There are moments when the movie is showcasing a very important point and then it immediately goes to funny music 5 minutes later. It feels like whiplash, to say the least.

Heads and Tales really has to get its messaging right. I mean, at one point, it tries to tell us that the man who is beating his wife is doing so because he has lost his job and has to ask his wife for money for cigarettes. As if that makes it ok? He further adds that men only know to snap at either their “poor” mothers or wives and all the while emotional music plays in the background. I mean, I am sorry that you have the emotional maturity of a rock, but at some point, you need to learn basic human decency.

So, do I think of this as very progressive and somehow benefitting the call of feminism and equality? Should women be “a little more understanding” of their husbands beating them because they -gasp- moved to another place because of her and have now lost their jobs due to their own foolishness? What’s the takeaway here?

heads and tales

Heads and Tales also tries to be a PSA for COVID but does a bad job at bringing the point forward. You don’t seed most of the people wearing masks but everyone’s still scared of it. People don’t maintain distance and spend most of the movie sitting close to each other without a care in the world but suddenly a peck on the cheek is such a big deal. Wear your masks people!

The interactions between the characters, too, feel half-baked and uninteresting. You get a lot of background on the characters that don’t feel interesting because the story itself is seriously lacking. Since you don’t care what’s going on in the present, the past, too, doesn’t matter.

Manga, being a police officer, has the saddest arcs in the movie. She doesn’t become the strong, independent keeper of the law by the end of it. Just another whiny character that adjusts to her husband’s moods. Sure, Anisha’s little charade might have brought forth a wave of change in the husband, but come on. The third girl, Shruthi, has no arc whatsoever.

Summing up: Heads and Tales

heads and tales

Heads and Tales tries to do something interesting and put forth some important life lessons. But the way it goes about with that narrative is flawed. It’s boring and inconsistent and apart from some heartwarming scenes, does not do much else.

Heads and Tales is streaming on Zee5.

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Heads and Tales is inconsistent and uninteresting but tries to put forth important lessons.

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Zee5's Heads and Tales Review: Confusing TaleHeads and Tales is inconsistent and uninteresting but tries to put forth important lessons.