Zee5’s Dhoop Ki Deewar Episodes 3 and 4 Recap: Powerful but Hints at Misogyny

As promised, Zee5’s Dhoop Ki Deewar episodes 3 and 4 released this Friday. It features Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly as the leads. It is directed by Haseeb Hassan and written by Umera Ahmad. The previous two episodes that released last week introduced us to the main characters, and their families. While one family in Pakistan grapples with the loss of their head of the house, blaming the Indian military for their grief, another family in India deals with a similar circumstance.

Although there isn’t much that has happened in terms of the storyline, Dhoop Ki Deewaar episodes 3 and 4 builds on its poignant portrayal of death, and all the heaviness it brings. During the previous two episodes, we had seen both Vishal and Sara’s families face similar situations. Being the eldest, Sara and Vishal now have increased responsibilities when it comes to their families. Vishal’s mother is being eaten alive by her grief, surviving on anti-depressants and anxiety pills. On the other hand, Sara’s grandparents have begun to feel like burdens because of their continued age-related illnesses.

Dhoop Ki Deewar episodes 3 and 4
Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly, the leads of Dhoop Ki Deewar

Vishal and Sara connect on Facebook, finally realizing that they have more in common than they initially thought in Dhoop Ki Deewar episodes 3 and 4. Vishal’s mother is unable to deal with her day-to-day responsibilities, and so all of these now fall onto Vishal, by default. While all of this is a stressor in itself, Vishal’s mother Sunanda is no help at all. She refuses to consult a doctor, barely eats, and is slowly getting addicted to anti-depressants with heavy opium content.

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All this time, the late martyr’s sister, Pratibha, continues to pursue her own selfish motive Dhoop Ki Deewar episodes 3 and 4. She insists on her share of the property, asking her mother to sell it and hand over the cash once and for all. She blames her mother’s hesitance on Sunanda and Vishal, thinking they are the ones who refuse to let her part with the house.

Meanwhile, both Sara and Vishal’s younger siblings haven’t yet understood what their father’s death truly means. They don’t seem to understand that once gone, the dead can never come back. As if this isn’t a complication in itself, Sara’s mother is still in two minds about continuing to live with her in-laws Dhoop Ki Deewar episodes 3 and 4, now that her husband has passed away. Although her in-laws are as good as her parents for her, she voices concern over having no strong male in the house. She discusses getting Sara engaged to her cousin in the USA. Sara’s mother is a naive lady, and the audience can clearly see how she is being manipulated by multiple people.

It is also revealed that Sunanda and her mother-in-law aren’t on the best terms. Although the mother-in-law has let bygones be bygones, Sunanda is still bitter over how she initially treated her because of the fact that Sunanda is a Dalit in Dhoop Ki Deewar episodes 3 and 4. It highlights the fact that how dependency on relationships changes with age. The past may come back to haunt you, even when you most need them.

During all of this, Sara and Vishal realize they aren’t so different after all. They begin to connect with each other, although their fights are still as bad in Dhoop Ki Deewar episodes 3 and 4. Sara struggles with the realization that she may not be able to pursue her academic dreams after all, and Vishal knows that he is now responsible for the safety of four women in the house.

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While we appreciate the sentiment, we can’t help but point out how all the female characters have been painted in a helpless light in Dhoop Ki Deewar episodes 3 and 4. Sara is to be engaged soon so that her future is secure, and her mother blatantly states that having a man as the head of the house is important. At the same time, Vishal believes himself to be the one who needs to take over. The result turns out to slightly misogynistic, and quite frankly, a little outdated.

Final Verdict: Dhoop Ki Deewar episodes 3 and 4

All in all, the series continues to be emotional with Dhoop Ki Deewar episodes 3 and 4, striking a chord deep within you and exploring concepts one may usually ignore, and for that, all we can say is, it’s a great effort.

Dhoop Ki Deewar is available to stream on Zee5.

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Zee5's Dhoop Ki Deewar episodes 3 and 4 continue to be emotional, striking a chord deep within you, albeit being a bit mysoginistic.

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