Zee5’s Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 11 and 12 Recap: Strong Suspense Holds You In

Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 11 and 12 were released on Zee5 as per schedule, this early noon. Dhoop Ki Deewar is a Pakistani drama written by Umera Ahmed (Zindagi Gulzar Hai) and directed by Haseeb Hassan (Mann Mayal). The series is a touching portrayal of the lives of the family members of a war veteran. It aims to draw comparisons between the family of the Indian military and the Pakistani military. Up until now, 12 episodes have been released, with two episodes releasing every week. Each clock in at about 35 to 40 minutes.

Now that the tone and the show’s pace has been set, the plot is progressing quite fast. In the last episode, we saw Neha, Anurag’s niece has come to visit India from Canada. We also saw development with the side-plot that dealt with Vishal’s Dadi, and her struggle to get her house vacated. Vishal’s security had been threatened unless Dadi stops forcing the family out, and because they had serious political connections, it could become a matter of grave danger. We also saw Sara telling Vishal about her result and admission to medical school.

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In Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 11 and 12, the first episode begins with Sara’s Dada receiving a parcel, which has come from India. It is too early and the wounds from the previous fight with Vishal’s family are too fresh for him. Seeing him angry, Amna takes the blame and says that it is her who mentioned Sara’s result to Sunanda, and that is why they have sent the parcel. Sara, although initially scared about why the parcel has come, realizes that it is the first congratulatory gift she has received, so she accepts it and thanks Vishal.

A still from Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 11 and 12 featuring Ahad Raza Mir
A still from Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 11 and 12 featuring Ahad Raza Mir

Meanwhile, Vishal is stuck with Neha. His aunt’s constant efforts to push them together aren’t unnoticed by him, but he isn’t interested in the least. He begrudgingly takes her sightseeing but asks Pari and Laxmi to come with them as well. Neha is annoyed by them but goes along all the same. She posts a few questionable status updates on Instagram, which Sara ends up seeing.

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She is upset that Vishal never told her about Neha, and later at night also lies to her that it was his aunt who he had taken sightseeing. But later, he confesses the truth in an hour or two and sings her an apology song. Sara maintains that she isn’t jealous, but that she was hurt that he lied to her.

Meanwhile, in Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 11 and 12, Pratibha tries to convince Sunanda to get Vishal and Neha engaged. Sunanda is quite against this and rightly so because Vishal is only 18 years old and has barely completed his schooling. Amna tells Sara about her conversation with Sunanda, and how they connected on the previous phone call. They too have begun to talk regularly, because it is only them who can understand the other’s pain and help them with their problems, just like Sara and Vishal.

Sara reveals that the psychologists Sunanda had told them about were booked for a month and a half, and were in Karachi. Amna volunteers to go with Nadir, and they could also visit her brother, who was still upset with them.

A still from Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 11 and 12 featuring Sahar Aly
A still from Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 11 and 12 featuring Sajal Aly

The next day, in Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 11 and 12, Sara decides to go for a walk in the army garden, where a man on a bike follows her and makes lewd comments. Initially, she tries to hold him off with snarky replies, but he is persistent. So Sara runs back home, calling out for her Dada and he confronts the goon. But he is easily overpowered due to his old age, and the man on the bike doesn’t take him too seriously.

Back in India, Vishal’s Dadi is being pressurised by Pratibha and Anurag to either get Neha and Vishal married or to hand over Prathibha’s share of the property stat. Pratibha is told that she cannot go back home to Canada unless one of these things is achieved. Pratibha blames her mother for ruining her marital life, and Dadi tries to fast-track the eviction process with the Army Unit’s help. They say that they are doing as much as they can, but things are moving slow.

Vishal approaches Neha and tells her quite bluntly that he will not get married to her. He is in love with Sara and if he ever does marry, it would be with her. Sunanda overhears this and confronts him. Vishal then reveals that he said that just to dissuade Neha and that it isn’t true. Sunanda isn’t too convinced, but she lets it slide for the moment. However, she does make it very clear that Sara and Vishal can have nothing close to a relationship.

Zee5's Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 11 and 12 Recap: Strong Suspense Holds You In
A still from Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 11 and 12

When Vishal comes to know of the incident with Sara, he becomes stoic and asks his mother if it has ever happened to her. She says that things like these are part of life and all women have to put on a brave front and face it.

Because of Dadi’s constant queries, the tenant family decides to make good on their threat and kidnap Vishal. They beat him up quite badly, and he comes home late evening, with bruises all over. He refuses to talk to anyone and shuts himself in his room. Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 11 and 12 ends there, on this cliffhanger.

Final Verdict: Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 11 and 12

When I say a lot has happened this week, I really do mean it. With just 2 more weeks left to the show, a lot of things are to be resolved, that haven’t yet. Many avenues are open, and the sub-plots are getting thicker and thicker. The series, though a little more Bollywood-ised than the usual Pakistani dramas, is turning into everything I had never thought it would be. Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 11 and 12 make strong social commentary, see quite a bit of progression with the plot, and shows a huge leap in character development.

Dhoop Ki Deewar is streaming on Zee5.

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