Zee5’s Battala Ramaswami Biopikku Review: As Ridiculous As It Gets

Battala Ramaswami Biopikku premiered on 14th May 2021 on Zee5. Directed by Ram Narayan and written by Vasudeva Murthy, the Telugu-language film stars Altaf Hassan, Shanthi Rao, Satvika Jay, Bhadram, and Lavanya Reddy, alongside other cast members.

A Village Man

Battala Ramaswami Biopikku revolves around the life of a compassionate man named Ramaswamy. From a very tender age, he is titled a womanizer and the reason for the same is shown through his childhood flashbacks. He has two goals in life: the first is to follow Lord Rama’s example of monogamy, and the second is to start a saree company. Of course, fate had other ideas, as he marries three women: Jayaprada, Jayasudha, and Siri. Trouble brews amongst the three women and Ramaswamy barely manages in keeping them from crashing, but he meets their ‘needs,’ transforming himself into their ‘ideal man’!

But despite this, all Ramaawamy’s life is full of unwanted and unnecessary twists and turns that keep on adding to the problems of all the characters here. As the film continues, we follow Ramaswamy as he tries to get through it all while trying to save his sanity and image.

Battala Ramaswami Biopikku starts with Ramaswamy’s funeral, where we hear a man say “Everybody’s life would be a biopic if there was one director for all”. But is Ramaswamy’s life worth the pain for 2 hours? Well, no. There is no set information about the era the film is set in, you just don’t know in what era was it ok for village folk to have 3 wives, out of which 2 are sisters and of a different caste? And then, how come the last bride was from a neighbouring village considering that Indian villages usually follow the brother-sister rule in terms of neighbouring villages.

Battala Ramaswami Biopikku

Or maybe it’s not the same case in South Indian villages, we just have no idea. It is confusing. Another reason by Battala Ramaswami Biopikku fails to work the charm is that the film very loosely plays around with issues like rape, theft, molestation, harassment, and ends up romanticizing it and ultimately cracking a double meaning joke out of it! Needless to say that the film is a flop show and a bore-fest; no matter how hard you try you will find his film testing your patience every passing scene with its mediocre execution and screenplay.

There is nothing new in Battala Ramaswami Biopikku. In one of the scenes, one of Ramaswamy’s wives hides one of his other wife (who suffers mentally) in the closet so that she can see them get intimate and learn everything she has to. Seriously, what crass behaviour is this? The more you talk about the movie, the more it finds ways to disappoint you even further. It’s not like there is a message by the end of the film for the viewer, the film just…exists!

Stream It or Skip It

Battala Ramaswami Biopikku

SKIP IT! Battala Ramaswami Biopikku is a torture. There is nothing substantial in the storyline and the jokes are problematic and not even close to funny.

Battala Ramaswami Biopikku is streaming now on Zee5.

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Battala Ramaswami Biopikku is everything you don't want from a movie and more!

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