What Went Wrong With Dexter New Blood Finale?

Dexter New Blood aired its last episode on Sunday, January 9. Fans had a lot of expectations from the final and the 10th episode after a disappointing finale given for the season 8 years ago. The series starred Michael C Hall, Jack Alcott, Julia Jones, Jennifer Carpenter, Alano Miller and Clancy Brown. The makers promised a better finale and wanted to redeem themselves. But it seems like the fans are highly disappointed.

In the last episode of Dexter Season 9, Angela arrests Dexter for killing Matt Caldwell. The cop also tells Dexter that she is aware that he is the Bay Harbour Butcher. Before the BHB confrontation, Angela calls Batista, who tells that Miami Metro Homicide Captain Maria LaGuerta had doubts that Dexter is the BHB. These claims confirm Angela’s doubts that her boyfriend Jim, aka Dex, is a serial killer.

Dexter realises that he has no choice left anymore. To buy some time, he informs Angela about Kurt’s cabin where the Iron Lake serial killer had kept the bodies of girls he murdered for 25 years. When Angela visits the cabin, Dexter is kept in the cell again. To escape from the cell, Dexter kills Logan, an innocent cop. Dex calls Harrison and asks him to bring the car and plan to escape the town.

When Dexter meets Harrison, the latter is shocked to see he’s covered in blood. Harrison loses his mind that his father killed an innocent man as that is against Harry’s code. Dexter realises his mistakes, and his son shoots him in the chest. Angela arrives at the crime scene and helps Harrison to leave the town.

After 9 brilliant episodes, one wonders what happened to the writing. Dexter series is known for being careful with details, leaving no questions unanswered and having a purpose for showing something or bringing any character. Dexter New Blood introduced us to some good characters who did nothing to the storyline.

Here are 3 things that Dexter New Blood did wrong and made the plot weak:

Molly Park’s Podcast and her Death

When the makers introduced Jamie Chung as Molly Park, a popular podcaster, we were told that she would play a key role in exposing Dexter. After all, she has an entire podcast where she talks about the Bay Harbour Butcher. But how weak was her research that she talked about BHB without even meeting anyone from the Miami department? How did she have no clue who Dexter Morgan is? After all, she met Angela to get information on Matt Caldwell’s case. We’re sure that’s how she worked for her BHB podcast and didn’t depend on Google articles.

What Went Wrong With Dexter New Blood Finale?

If that wasn’t enough, Kurt killed her out of nowhere. We see Molly’s body underground, where Kurt keeps the bodies of the girls he kills. When did he kill Molly, especially when he was busy hunting Dexter and planning to kill Harrison? How did makers kill one of the important characters off-camera?

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Kurt Caldwell Death and Angela’s Case

Angela’s main goal was to find the missing girls. But after she found Iris’ body, she didn’t care. She was all about researching on her boyfriend. I am still upset with the M99 and Ketamine error. How can the writers change such a big fact about Dexter only to make his current girlfriend suspicious? I thought they will rectify in the future episode. But it never happened. Also, wasn’t she going to dig deeper to find the truth about Kurt? Angela was the worst written character in the show.

What Went Wrong With Dexter New Blood Finale?

Kurt was the main villain of Dexter: New Blood series, and the episode where Dexter kills him is quite extreme. But how can no one care that someone important like Kurt is missing from Iron Lake? Everyone was so casual after raiding his house. It is always going to be a mystery. The entire sequence about Angela finding the girls’ bodies was underwhelming. Despite seeing what Kurt did, Dexter was the only big villain for them.

Dexter and Harrison’s Conclusion

If poetic justice is what they wanted, why not make it better and impactful? The last 10-15 minutes are completely disconnected from everything that happened in the entire episode. The scene between Harrison and Dexter is intense, but the death doesn’t fit right. Isn’t Harrison the same person who attacked his classmate Ethan? How did he suddenly become so ‘human’? Why tease us with Harrison’s dark passenger so much when he is not really like Dexter? What were all the flashes he was getting?

Dexter: New Blood Episode 10

Well, that’s all we can say about Dexter New Blood finale. If they wanted to kill Dexter, maybe Kurt could’ve done it better. Sadly, we never got to see the Miami Metro Homicide team’s reaction after learning that Dexter Morgan was the Bay Harbour Butcher.

What are your thoughts on the show’s ending? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Watch the series here.

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  1. Something which I would’ve liked to see;

    We see Dexter cleverly insist that Angela turns the camera off. He reveals where the killed girls are and Angela is off to investigate.
    Angela finds the girls, realizes how horrible the truth really is and how much evil Kurt has done.
    Eventually, after the scene has been investigated and Kurt is without a doubt the person who did it, she ends up discussing with Dexter. Dexter admits Kurt has been “taken care of” and won’t hurt another girl again.
    Angela, while feeling somewhat robbed of finding justice through her own means for something she has investigated for so long, still ends up feeling.. relieved. Somewhat grateful to Dexter having ended it. Having killed a real monster who did something so awful.

    The change in Angela’s attitude wouldn’t be abrupt, but we’d start to see hints of her seeing Dexter as the lesser evil.

    Batista would arrive and they would start to compare evidence and as they would do so, they would manage to connect more and more dots about Dexter really, truely being the Bay Harbor Butcher.
    However, looking through the evidence Angela would find info on one monster after another having been taken out by Dexter and at the end she’d start seeing the good that something like this could cause. That he just might have been a force taking out a lot of real human garbage, even if the acts themselves would shock her.

    With Dexter being convicted, we’d see a talk between Dexter and Harrison, through one of those glasses they have in prisons, where we’d basically get a similar talk we got in the last scene. Where Dexter would refer to Harrison being just like him and Harrison rejecting it angrily. Opening Dexter’s eyes on how much of Harrison being broken really was due to his abandonment. That he wasn’t just born like Dexter, but that a big part – in Harrison’s mind – is BECAUSE of Dexter. That Harrison thinks he can work through his issues now that he has gotten some answers. That he wants to give life a go and doesn’t adopt Dexters way or ideology of “having a dark passenger”. In the end they would also find some mutual understanding, with Dexter wishing the best of luck to Harrison.. “Remember what I said… if you start getting the urges”

    Dexter would get to hear that Angela and Harrison have decided that he will be living with Angela at first and will stay at Iron Lake.. Wanting to build a life of his own, surrounded by his friends.

    This would give Dexter some peace of mind, having seemingly gotten Angela, Harrison etc. to “understand” who he was. That the truth would feel so good, that he wasn’t hiding anything anymore. No more secrets.
    However, his past still caught up to him. That he’d embrace the idea of facing justice.

    The series would end in bittersweet notes of we seeing Harrison carry on his life, Dexter finally closing his eyes on a clinical chair, as he gets the lethal injection… Insert monologue of introspection and Harrison being his legacy. In the end, the show would end on a note where we don’t know if Harrison can or can’t give life a fair go.. or will a “dark passenger” return and try to take the wheel. But that would be his path to discover.

    One life ends, another one gets to finally begin.

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