Worst Movies of 2020: Stuff That Made Us Question Why They Were Made

2020 has been a year of many firsts. Well, the world literally went to heck and everyone was forced indoors and left to live a life on their screens. It also consisted of various firsts when it comes to the movie industry. While there were various great movies that came out last year, it also saw some of the worst movies of 2020. For the good ones, you can check out this year’s Oscar winners which have given us a slew of great films to binge-watch. However, the worst movies of 2020 consist of a list of movies that we need to steer clear of:


Dolittle, comprising of a very interesting band of actors including Robert Downey Jr., had everyone tearing their hair out. Critics went full tyrant with this one, and unsurprisingly so. The movie, in spite of a big budget and even bigger star power, turned out to be one of the worst movies of 2020 – it was a mess of a storyline that came from somewhere and went in the absolutely opposite direction without any rhyme or reason. Eddy Murphy’s versions were kinda funny and goofy and made a place in its fans’ hearts but the retelling is an abomination that should never have been made.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Listen, I can totally accept the fact that there might be movies that I might not understand – not everything is for everyone. However, I have never come across a movie that tries so hard to be deep and profound that you can’t understand anything after a point in time. I’m Thinking of Ending Things is an unwinnable puzzle that is about a guy, or maybe his girlfriend, or might also be about a janitor, I am not sure. It’s depressing and frustrating, so much so that I started crying after a while out of sheer stress. Clearly one of the worst movies of 2020 in my book.

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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Sigh. What can I say about this movie? I remember when I had written the review for this one, I was bombarded with comments that said that I don’t understand movies and that I should die. That might very well be the case, but it doesn’t negate the fact that Eurovision Song Contest is a horrible movie. I was confused whether I hated the sexism or the overall movie’s theme of a song contest and Will Farrell acting like an overgrown man-child. It’s probably an amalgamation of both and so, so much more – definitely one of the worst movies of 2020.

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You Should Have Left

This movie had me excited since when it was scheduled to come out. The trailer looked promising and the cast was splendid. However, what we got, in the end, was a half-baked drama with absolutely nothing terrifying or creepy. I like my psychological thrillers to take my breath away and keep me on the edge. However, this one merely scratched the surface of that feeling and frustrated me to no end with its sheer volume of dream sequences that went nowhere. Probably not as bad as the other ones here, but it’s enough to make it to the bad movies of 2020 list for sure.

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Scoob! was another movie I was quite excited about. However, I couldn’t watch the entire movie in a single sitting because of how absolutely boring it was. I grew up watching Scooby-Doo and it was one of my favourite cartoons (still kinda is) but this 2020 movie was an abomination I was not ready for. What I couldn’t wrap my head around was how a cartoon as beloved as Scooby-Doo can be this boring. Definitely one of the worst movies of 2020 for me.

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The Grudge

I have said it before, and I will say it again, The Grudge series needs to die already with the little bit of respect it still has. The first movie or two were good and scary and creeped the hell out of all of us. However, as time progressed, the movies got increasingly more of the same thing just rehashed and thus, it lost all the novelty that it once held. The 2020 rendition, however, was something else altogether, one of the worst movies of 2020.

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The Kissing Booth 2/365 Days/After We Collided

Toxic boyfriends and relationships and sugar-coating the fact that the relationship that we are expected to follow is abusive? CHECK! This is exactly what you’ll get when you watch any of these three movies. Although 365 Days is the worst movie of 2020, hands down, but I really can’t say that the other two are any better. Honestly, people, we deserve better relationships than this. The person you’re marrying shouldn’t abduct you and force himself on you, it’s not nice.

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The Turning

Another horror movie that was absolutely foul is the re-hashing of The Turn of the Screw. In spite of the great source material, the movie is utterly boring in all definitions of the word. You simply cannot put too many important, horrible and scary themes and expect everything to work out. The movie has so many different angles that it falls into a horrible fiery pit of boredom. Easily one of the worst movies of 2020 and utterly a waste of talent. Also that ending – good god.

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Artemis Fowl

I don’t remember feeling as bored as I felt when I watched Artemis Fowl. The 2020 movie consists of some of the worst actings I have ever seen and the movie is just so boring and directionless that it’s surprising how it got the green signal from the makers and the studio. Additionally, every character is annoying as all heck.

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There are, obviously, other equally bad movies of 2020 that I have not mentioned in this article. Additionally, it is important to remember that everyone’s opinions are different regarding these things. However, please do tell us in the comments whether you have a movie that you absolutely despise!

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