Woori The Virgin Episode 6 Recap: Woo-ri Breaks Up With Kang-jae

Woori The Virgin(우리는 오늘부터) is a 2022 South Korean Romantic Comedy Series which is the remake 2014 American Series Jane The Virgin. This drama is directed by Jung Jung-hwa and stars Im Soo-hyang, Sung Hoon and Shin Dong-wook in lead roles. The series runs for 14 episodes. Woori The Virgin Episode 6 has a runtime of 59 minutes.

– Woori The Virgin Episode 6 Recap Contains Spoilers –

In Woori the Virgin Episode 6, we see Kang-jae trying to hide from Woo-ri and her family when he sees them with Raphael. He doesn’t like that Raphael is getting closer to Woo-ri’s family. However, Woo-ri sees him and calls him to join them. All of them have dinner together and Raphael takes them to an expensive restaurant and treats them to a high-quality beef. Kang-jae cannot bear to see how Raphael takes care of Woo-ri.

Woori The Virgin Episode 6
Still from Woori The Virgin Episode 6

Woo-ri understands Kang-jae’s situation and feels sorry for him. As she feels guilty, they go on a trip together. Woo-ri wants to let Kang-jae know that she still loves him the same. They promise each other to never lie to each other and later, Woo-ri tells Kang-jae about Ma-ri’s affair and asks Kang-jae if he knew, to which he replies no. The next day, she buys him Tteokbokki and delivers it herself to his office but there she finds out that he has been given a reprimand because he didn’t report that Lee Ma-ri had an affair with No Man-chul. Woo-ri is in disbelief but feels it is her fault that Kang-jae had to lie.

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Raphael has been begging Ma-ri to give him a divorce but she is stubborn about not doing it and also threatens to sue him and get full custody of his baby. Even his own father is on Ma-ri’s side. On the other side, Ma-ri’s mother has kidnapped and kept Ma-ri’s real husband at her house. When Raphael finds out the house, he tries to barge in and talk about the divorce with her relatives. Ma-ri gets scared that he will find out the truth and signs the divorce paper.

Woori The Virgin Episode 6
Still from Woori The Virgin Episode 6

Raphael invites Woo-ri to his home to show her the room that he has decorated for the baby. He tells Woo-ri that he has gotten a divorce but he will be a really good parent and take good care of the baby. After Woo-ri leaves his house, she gets a call from Kang-jae but lies to him about being out for research. She promised Kang-jae to never lie but finally, ends up lying. She meets Lee Ma-ri on the way who provokes her even more by saying that Kang-jae purposefully covered her affair because he doesn’t want to raise the baby.

Woori The Virgin Episode 6 Ending

Woo-ri and Kang-jae talk out their issues and try to go back to normal. They go to a photo studio to take some “couple pictures” as they had planned but while taking the photos, Woo-ri starts crying and leaves the studio. She tells Kang-jae that she cannot believe anything he says anymore and also she doesn’t want to ruin his life because of her decision. Kang-jae asks her if she was sure and she returns him the proposal ring, ending their relationship.

Woori The Virgin OST: I’m Goin’ Crazy By Kim Bum Soo

Woori The Virgin Episode 6 Review

Woori The Virgin Episode 6 sailed well on the waves of different emotions. Humans cannot help but feel certain feelings and they can affect their relationships and lives. Woo-ri’s one decision based on her feelings changed the lives of many people including her own. However, the saddest part of it is losing Kang-jae in the process who loves her dearly.

Woori The Virgin Episode 6 is available to watch on Viki.

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In Woori The Virgin Episode 6, Woori and Kang-jae fight for the first time because of a big thing he lied about to her,

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Woori The Virgin Episode 6 Recap: Woo-ri Breaks Up With Kang-jaeIn Woori The Virgin Episode 6, Woori and Kang-jae fight for the first time because of a big thing he lied about to her,